Welcome to The Barefoot Ranch

Providing a sanctuary for equine animals and ensuring they live their best lives


Compassionate Care

We provide essential care like shelter, food, water, and veterinary services


Safe Haven

Our ranch serves as a loving and secure home for these majestic creatures


Animal Welfare

We are passionate about promoting the well-being of equine animals

About Us

The Barefoot Ranch is a registered charity based in Manitoba, dedicated to providing a sanctuary for equine animals including horses, donkeys, and mules. With a focus on offering essential care such as shelter, food, water, hoof trimming, and veterinary services, the ranch ensures that these animals live their best lives.

Founded in 2012 with a passion for animal welfare, The Barefoot Ranch is committed to its mission of providing loving care and a safe home for these majestic creatures.

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Our Initiatives

Discover the ways we make a difference in the lives of animals in need

Equine Rehabilitation

We provide specialized rehabilitation programs tailored to the needs of each equine animal

Education and Outreach

We promote awareness and understanding of equine welfare through educational programs

Volunteer Opportunities

Join our team and make a difference in the lives of these incredible animals

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Inspiring Stories

Read about the transformative impact of our programs on horses’ lives



Titan was severely abused and had a strong distrust for people. Since his arrival here he has learned to trust and we are now able to work with him.



Chester was born into a herd running wild up North and was pushed out when he became a threat to the Stallion. He was rescued and is thriving in our care.

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Support our mission to provide a safe home and compassionate care for equine animals in need

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