QuincyThe Barefoot Ranch is happy to offer a sponsorship program. If you have always wanted to own a horse but don’t have the time or facilities to care for one, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. The average monthly cost of a horse in care at The Barefoot Ranch is $200 per month for their basic needs. It is our sincere hope that every horse here finds their forever home, where they get unlimited love and care and are one of only a few, special soles to a loving family. Unfortunately, some of the horses that come into care are elderly, have chronic health issues or past injuries. These horses are likely to stay at The Barefoot Ranch for the remainder of their lives.

Leroy & PrimroseProviding lifelong care for these horses is quite costly, especially when you factor in veterinary care. The Barefoot Ranch Sponsorship Program offers our generous donors a way to be an important part of our solution – a rewarding way to show your love of horses. 

Quincy & ChaosThe chosen amount will be automatically transferred to The Barefoot Ranch every month. We will provide you with monthly updates on your chosen animal, a photo, and a certificate of sponsorship. You are welcome to come to The Barefoot Ranch and we will take a picture of you with the animal as well. Feel free to bring your family and friends and introduce them to the animal you are sponsoring, it makes for an awesome group outing.

Ideas for Sponsorship:

  • Sponsor a horse for a loved one, it makes a great gift!
  • Get together as a family and sponsor a horse together.
  • Your friend group can sponsor a horse together and come out to visit.
  • You and your coworkers can sponsor a horse as a group.
  • Corporate sponsorship of a horse is welcome, we can display your company logo on the horse’s page.
  • Sponsor a horse as a loving tribute to a horse lover who has passed.
  • In honour of a horse or other pet that is no longer with us.

Three StoogesWe understand that unforeseen circumstances happen and from time to time people will need to withdraw their sponsorship, if this happens, simply contact us and we will immediately cancel your sponsorship and the sponsored animal will become eligible to be sponsored once again.