Providing Sanctuary

A safe haven for equine animals in need of love, care, and shelter

About Us

The Barefoot Ranch is a registered charity based in Manitoba, dedicated to providing a sanctuary for equine animals including horses, donkeys, and mules. With a focus on offering essential care such as shelter, food, water, hoof trimming, and veterinary services, the ranch ensures that these animals live their best lives.

Compassionate Care

We prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of each animal in our care

Expert Team

Our dedicated team of professionals ensures the highest standard of care for our residents

Our Vision

To create a world where all equine animals are respected, protected, and loved

Our Mission

To provide a loving and safe home for horses, donkeys, and mules, ensuring they receive the care they deserve

Our Story

Soon after moving to Teulon, our founder, Sherri Anderson, saw horses in the area in desperate need of help. Several situations arose that brought such horses to her and she couldn’t turn them away. Her initial idea was to rehabilitate horses and sell them to recoup expenses, saving 19 from 2012 to 2019. But soon it became clear that was not a viable long-term plan.

As a result, The Barefoot Ranch became an incorporated non-profit and in 2023 was granted charitable status. Together with the support of donors, both individuals and businesses, we were able to rescue over 70 equines in 2023, including horses, donkeys and mules. With these changes we will continue to make a difference for equines and their owners in the decades to come.

The Barefoot Ranch is located four miles North of Teulon, MB on a 120-acre parcel of land. It is well-treed with both natural and man-made water sources, making it the perfect place for horses. We are 100% volunteer based and everyone of us is dedicated to ensuring the animals here are properly cared for and know how much they are loved and valued. We are like a family here and truly love what we do and the animals we do it for.

Our approach to animal welfare is informed by our goals and values.

Join Our Cause

Support our mission to provide a safe home and compassionate care for equine animals in need

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