Romeo my Love?


Sigh …. Romeo

We have had such an interesting relationship he and I.  Romeo is a rescue that came to us about nine years ago.  He was rescued with Rockstar and as far as I know, they have been together their entire lives.

One of our neighbours was in a situation where she and her spouse were splitting up and she was moving back into the city. She drove past the ranch a couple of times a day and felt like the horses here always looked so happy. She stopped in and asked if we would be willing to take him on.

Romeo is an Arabian cross and we have a sordid past.  Romeo has charged me in the pasture, he has bitten me, he has kicked the crap out of me, and has run me right over trying to get away from another horse.  Last winter, on the advice of my son, I did a little bit extra work with Romeo and every day I would catch him and bring him into the yard and feed him his oats while brushing him.  That exercise changed everything between Romeo and I.

Romeo is the first horse to come up to me in the pasture and not in a threatening way.  He is the first one to the gate and wants to be ridden.  He is a horse that I would consider very reliable and level-headed.  He will leave the yard alone without issue.  He can have wasps buzzing all over him and remains collected.  Romeo is incredibly handsome and has become one of my favourite horses in the pasture.  I never would have guessed it a few years ago.

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