Her Majesty Tina


This is Tina, or you can call her Your Majesty. Tina is actually the great-granddaughter of Secretariat.  She is a fairly big deal around her, especially in her own eyes.

In all seriousness, Tina has been around since the very beginning. She was born and bred into the family in 2000 and was a prospect for chuckwagon and chariot racing.  She is an odd mix of Thoroughbred and Welsh Pony. She belonged to my father and after racing a few times she quickly became too big for the sport.  She then lived with my brother and his wife and participated in gymkhana and show events with their children. 

When their children were grown, we had the opportunity to bring her home and we sure did.  She is the boss around here and doesn’t let any of the other horses mess with her.  

As a promise to my father, Tina will always have a home here.  She is 21 years young and is a beauty and super-fun to ride.  She is very loving and enjoys attention from people.  We love having her around and the pasture would definitely not be the same without her.

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