Spirit — You Must be a Gemini

This is Spirit, she clearly is a paint.  We aren’t entirely sure how old she is.  She came to us as a rescue last Spring.  She was with some friends of mine and had been there for several years.  Despite professional training, Spirit started to buck and her owner was fearful of her.  We took her on and have been working with her ever since.

Spirit can be very sweet in the pasture and can be pretty hard to catch if you have a lead rope.  She is very laid back in the pasture with the other horses and tends not to get involved in the drama.  She stays well back from the others and comes to eat once all the excitement has calmed down.

Spirit bucked my son off pretty good in the spring and scared me pretty good.  He has ridden her a few times since and once she realizes you aren’t going to hurt her she is a very nice ride and is pretty level-headed.  

I think she must be a Gemini because she can be either the most mellow, laid-back horse in the world or she will buck your butt off and leave you in the dirt. She needs a lot more time and a lot more work but she is worth it.  

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