Rockstar AKA Mr. Zippy


Rockstar came to us as a rescue about nine years ago.  One of our neighbours was in a situation where she and her spouse were splitting up and she was moving back into the city.  She drove past the ranch a couple of times a day and felt like the horses here always looked so happy.  She stopped in and asked if we would be willing to take him and Romeo on.

Catching Rockstar was quite an adventure but we ended up getting him here.  He has been trained from the ground up by my son.  Rockstar seems to have become third in command around here below Tina and Buddy.

Rocktar is an Arabian cross and is a lot of fun to ride, I am not sure if it is the sponginess in his ankles or the fact that he is so small but he is smooth and zippy.  He does tend to have a bit of a stubborn streak and has reared and bolted. For that reason, he is not often trusted with a stranger on his back. For the experienced rider though, he is a true pleasure.

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