• Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Mini
  • Birth Year: 2020
  • Color: Black
  • Markings: None
  • Height: 8 hands
  • Vices: shy

This lovely lady is an approximately 2-year-old black mini mare that came to us from a herd in Souris, Manitoba. She is curious and looks like she wants to begin trusting and move closer. Being part of a herd of six that were left to their own devices to run wild in a pasture she is influenced by the remainder of her herd and will run rather than engaging.

This sweet horse had an owner who loved her but he passed away about eight years ago and the family didn’t realize that their mother was unable to provide proper care for them. Recently she passed away and that is how they came to be in our care.

This little gal is in need of some socialization. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this until we can get her to trust us enough to be caught and get her to learn some basic manners. She is terrified when cornered and terrified on a trailer. She needs a home where she is in a smaller enclosure and can learn to love and trust. We want nothing more than to find the right home for her.

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