February 25, 2024

Monday was beautiful, I can smell spring in the air AGAIN! My hubs was home from work today since he worked on Saturday, so he took care of the waters for me. I fed the critters and got a dozen eggs out of the chicken coop, that was the most ever. I took a walk around the pasture and am happy to report no new horses are affected by strangles. After that, I went in the house and got all of January’s donation receipts ready to mail out tomorrow. I also entered the January donations into Salesforce and finished reading my book on how to make Instagram work, I don’t think I learned anything. I did go into all the scheduled posts for Instagram and added hashtags, we’ll see if we get any traction there.

Tuesday was another beautiful day! Karen was here doing chores, I took care of Felix and Angel and then took a walk around the pasture. Everyone is looking really good, no new infections. Right when we were finished chores, Randy came with a load of hay so I helped him put those bales out. I then glued the plugs into the old bathtub Anne gave us, I am hoping it isn’t too cold for the glue to stick and that I will be able to put it out as a trough tomorrow. After that was all done I went into Selkirk and bought Dollarama out of their garage flip-up tool holders. We are using them to hang our horse blankets as the cats keep knocking them off the shelves. When I got back it was time to do some computer work. I forgot to mail out the January tax receipts, so I will send them out tomorrow.

Wednesday Tracey was here doing most of the chores, I did some of the waters and gathered up the eggs in the chicken coops. I got ready and went to pick up Ruby and meet Amy at the Vet clinic. Amy has healed up so well her stitches are basically grown into her skin. Our vet tech managed to get her stitches out and she got her second set of shots. Amy did remember me and was almost as excited to see me as I was to see her. Her poor new mom Tina, I immediately took Amy away and pretty much didn’t let her go until it was time for her to go home. She is still just as sweet as ever! When her new Mom left the room to set things up with the vet, she was watching for her to come through the door, which helped me to know she was happy in her new home. Ruby got some new medication put into her ears to help take care of the rest of the infection and then we were on our way. When we were paying out bill I noticed their pen holder was a little bit of a pain, so I picked one up in the city and brought it to them on my way home, I thought it was pretty hilarious. Unfortunately the one I was joking around with at the desk had left work already when I brought it. I hope she has a good laugh in the morning when she see’s it. By the time I got home, it was time to leave for pool night, so no paperwork tonight. Just had to lock up the chicken coop, do this post and do my daily job applications before bed.

Thursday was a quiet day at the ranch. I had a job interview first thing in the morning and then headed out to do chores. It was a beautiful day, not sure how warm it ended up getting but it was plus 1 when I went outside. The animals seemed pretty happy today with the sun and warmth, they seemed to be playing alot more than usual. I took a walk around the pasture and noone new is presenting with symptoms so I think if all stays this good, we should be able to open up our doors on March 25th, just in time for 4H. After that was all done I cam inside to work on some page updates, the petting zoo page got an upgrade and the other horse pages as well. 

Friday was a busy day at the ranch. I got up and did the chores, it was another beautiful day. Looks like one of our trough heaters is burnt out again. After chores I unloaded a whole trailer full of wood and forked out the hay from the trailer into the pasture. For some reason the horses felt that hay was much better than the hay in their feeders so they were all up against the gate chowing down on it. I then rewired the plug for the trailer so we would have lights and headed into Teulon to pick up Jake, then we went into the city to pick up our Loop. Ann met us there and helped us load up. On the way home, I dropped Jake off, filled up with gas and went and picked up a new trough heater. I set that up in Ann’s bathtub trough and went in the house for supper. The rest of the evening will be spent applying for jobs and submitting some proposals to Ann and Alana so they can work on grants for us.

Saturday was a beautiful day! When I got up Sean, Leah and Karen were already done most of the chores and Leah and Karen were sorting and feeding out loop. I caught Felix and Angel and fed them their special feed. While they were eating I mixed up some feed in the garage and Jake got to the ranch and helped finish mixing it all up. Jake and I decided to go for a ride and took Quincy and Buddy for a four mile ride. I tested out a saddle Jake has for sale and it’s pretty comfy so I think I am going to make it mine. We’ll see what kind of a deal we can work out. After our ride I took Jake home, came back and gathered up eggs in the chicken coop and took a walk around the pasture. Everyone looks good and seems to really be enjoying the weather. Now I’m back in the house doing some work on the computer, getting all the posts set up for our social media.

Sunday was another beautiful day, Jake and Tracey were here doing chores when I got up. Jake and I headed out to take a load to the dump and go to the city to pick up some lumber and fencing donations. Tracey stayed back to finish up the waters. When we got back we unloaded the trailer and I got some lovin from Casanova, Loki and Cheyenne. We are still in pretty good shape health-wise, right now it looks like we have two horses that we are watching for recovery and if everything stays on track, we will be able to open our doors again March 25th. Jake and Tracey decided to go for a ride and I went in the house to finish up the weekly windup post and I’m off to pool tonight.

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