February 18, 2024

Monday I woke up bright and early and went out to do chores. I took a walk around the pasture and did a small examination on each horse to see if they were still symptom-free of strangles and thankfully they were. We are still contained to six horsed affected. I went to town to get some extension chords and a new trough heater for Butter, since it is getting colder out, his trough is getting frozen. The evening was spent updating records and getting everything in order.

Tuesday morning I went out to do chores and waters, I took a look around the pastures and amazingly, none of the other animals are presenting with symptoms, so far so good. We got a delivery of hay and grain today as well, it was super nice seeing that giant tote full of grain being placed. The evening was spent organizing social media posts for the rest of the month.

blankWednesday I got up early because I knew Tracey and Karen wouldn’t expect me to be up before they got here (I’m not much of a morning person if you haven’t guessed). I was up and at em mixing our feed together, we are now getting a cracked oats, corn and barley mix from our hay guy by the tote. I mixed that with the alfalfa pellets and soybean meal for our mix for the critters. Once they got here, we got them all fed and watered and Tracey went to work removing the twines from the bales and cleaning litter boxes, Karen finished all the waters and I went for a walk around the pasture to make sure noone else was affected. When I was done with that, Karen headed out and I wend into the house to do work on the computer while Tracey finished up the waters. After school Jake came out and did some training with Better, he is getting pretty attached to that little guy. Leah sent me an amazing baked sausage penne for dinner, man I love when she does that, it really makes my life a lot easier <3 Thanks Leah!

blankThursday I was up bright and early and out doing chores, it’s so nice to walk outside and see that giant bag of grain! I’m interested to see how long it lasts. i took a walk through the pasture, no new horses seem to be showing signs of strangles which is great. It’s really nice to see Destiny and Gypsy coming around too, I sat with the two of them and Domino one day a couple weeks back and just gave them treats for awhile. Since then it seems like they have taken a turn for the better. After chores were done I went into the garage and mixed up some feed, one for the horses, one for the birds and a mix for everyone else. It’s been really cold for the last two days, we aren’t used to it, feeling kind of soft this year. I went inside because I had a job interview in the after and I had to get income tax receipts ready for January donations.

Friday Karen was here to help me do chores, she basically did everything except feeding Felix and Angel BUT she is also ready to learn how to feed them so that’s pretty exciting. When Karen first came here she wasn’t realy comfortable with any of the animals but over time she has gotten comfortable with all of them and now she is ready for the horses. After chores I went around hanging up salt and mineral blocks for the critters and then went in the house to work on getting some of our paperwork in order.

blankSaturday Tracey and Jake were here doing chores so I took it easy. I came out and glued some plugs in our new bathtub/water trough. I went out and checked the new salt lick in the pony pasture because I could here them going to town on it all Friday evening, they just about have it polished off. Jake and I got the new blanket on Maggie that was sent to us be her sponsor, it is super bright, she will never get lost. The rest of the day I spent inside doing paperwork and working on the computer.

Sunday Tracey and Jake were here doing chores again, yay! I came out and worked on some blanket organization in the garage. The hooks I bought for it are not strong enough to work unfortunately, but we found some that do. Guess we will be needing another trip to dollarama. We took a tour around the pasture and we have two more horses showing symptoms of strangles so we isolated them as well. We have two that are fully recovered, five that are recovering, and two more that are having symptoms. Then I went inside to work on paperwork and digital files.