March 3, 2024

Monday I woke up to about 5 inches of fresh snow, kind of nice to see this year actually, everything looks so fresh and clean. It’s not cold outside, only maybe -10. I did chores and when I was done, I had about half an hour in the house before our hay arrived. I went back outside to help place the bales where they needed to go. When that was done I came back in the house and worked on research and posts for social media. This evening was pool night, so was out most of the evening, just answering messages as they came in.

Tuesday was FREEZING outside, it was only minus 18 but it was brutally windy. We are so spoiled this year that it feels like 40 below when it’s only half that. I got the chores done and got the warm room ready for some new puppies that are coming in looking for their forever homes. Then I headed out to go pick them up. On the way home I put them all in the back seat but by the time I got home they were all in the front with me, one of them decided to take a giant poop on the edge of my passenger seat and the rest of them helped walk through it the whole way home lol These babies are quite a bit bigger than the last batch, but no less cute. Once I got them all inside they ate like crazy, probably going to have sore tummies. Tonight I have updates for the website and emails to answer. 

Wednesday was a little bit nicer outside, at least there was no wind. Tracey was here doing waters and I fed the critters, it was pretty cute all the puppies following us all over the place while we were doing chores. These puppies are so good, they were nice and calm all day and then went batshit crazy for about an hour this evening. It looks like we have two of them adopted so that’s pretty exciting. Tracey stayed outside and gathered bailer twine in the afternoon while I went inside and cleaned up the house and went to work on some grants we are working on that are due March 1st.

Thursday was definitely a day! I got up to a text from Dr. Neil saying he could see Tom, our Turkey at 11:30am so I hurried and got chores done and gathered up Tom, who for the third day in a row has given me a heart attack. I took him in and he has a heart murmur, but everything else appeared normal, breath sounds on the left were difficult to hear so we were going to treat him for Pneumonia. I got him home and brought him in the house to keep him warm while he was being treated. I went out and filled the waters while the puppies ran around outside for awhile. I came in and was getting the meds ready and poor Tom slowly put his head down and passed away quietly. My poor little buddy, he will definitely be missed! We only had him for less than a year but he was quite a fixture here, helping with construction projects, steeling glasses off people’s faces, emptying out screw and nail buckets one by one. He was quite the inspector looking our projects up and down to make sure we were doing them right, he even climbed the ladder to make sure I was doing the roof properly. He was a good friend to me and all the volunteers, we are all devastated at our loss. Tonight I am finishing up some grant applications.

Friday I fed the puppies, snagged Bentley and left for the city. I saw Tracey on her way here while I was headed in. I dropped Bentley off at her new home and went to my oldest daughter’s house to babysit while she went to a few appointments. Tracey and Jake came to the ranch and did chores while I was away. Jake put a saddle on Milo (our young steer) and tried to ride him. Milo didn’t move a muscle, which was good, but also he wouldn’t walk so we will see if Jake get’s anywhere. He also did some groundwork with Cash and Oakley, our two weanlings. The puppies also did chores with them while I was away. I finished babysitting and went for a job interview for 4:00pm, it seemed to have gone pretty well. When I got home I fed the puppies and played with them a bit, after which I cleaned out the puppy room and put them to bed.

Saturday was a busy day at the ranch. I got up and did chores and waters this morning. All the horses are looking so good, it’s so great to see them feeling better, no new cases of strangles. I got finished, just in time for Bailey’s new owner to drop in to pick her up. I took the puppies inside when she was leaving and had a neighbor stop in with some extra dairy and product for our piggies.  I went into town to grab some more rabbit feed and alfalfa pellets and drove over to see if Jeff and Randy could swing by with a load of bales before the storm or the century hits us. I came home and played with the pups for a few hours and Randy got here around four with the bales. I helped them get them out and had to wrestle a little bit with Mojo (our two year old steer) because he thinks he’s a big puppy and wants to play. The problem is he’s about 1500 pounds and that can get a little scarey. I gave them some baked goods and they were pretty happy with that. Now it’s time for paper and computer work for the evening.

Sunday was a lazy day for me! My husband went and picked up Jake, who came back and took care of all the chores (Thank you Jake!). Then the puppies came up on the bad for snuggles, they sure are cuties! One is super sweet, a little chonky and loves naps. The other one is long and lanky and very adventurous. Besides answering messages and doing this wind up, I didn’t get much accomplished today.


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