April 9th, 2023

blankThat’s a wrap on another weekend at The Barefoot Ranch: Manitoba Horse Rescue & Sanctuary. This weekend was a three-day weekend and we sure kept busy. Friday we had a few volunteers over to get some chores done. We said goodbye to Diamond who went to her foster home to keep a horse company.

This weekend was filled with a lot of chores and a few happy surprises. We took in a couple of outdoor cats to help take care of the mouse population that likes to stay in our garage where we keep our feed. We haven’t seen much of them as they get familiar with their surroundings. Blue did come out yesterday for a few snuggles. In addition to all the chores that have been getting done, we have been enjoying snuggle time with the lammos. They are soooo cute! Saturday we also welcomed a new Goose, named spot, to keep Mrs. Goose company, after the untimely passing of her partner.blank

Today we celebrated Easter with the family and Diamond came back, unfortunately, she was not doing well in her foster home and kept running away. Looks like Diamond has decided she prefers The Barefoot Ranch, she is happy to be back, and we are happy to have her.

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