April 2, 2023

Well! That’s a wrap on another weekend at The Barefoot Ranch: Manitoba Horse Rescue & Sanctuary!

Friday was hay day, we had 15 hay bales and two straw bales delivered. We also had a few people out to look at some horses available for adoption.

Saturday was the day we caught half of the ponies and dewormed and deloused them. We have a couple ponies with some patches of hair missing so we decided to give them some treatments, just to make sure we don’t have any unwanted critters around. Charlie decided to break the fence and take a little run around the yard before going right back in. Chico decided to climb poop mountain so he could get a better look at all the excitement. Tracey tried to make friends with the geese and they were not having it! Ed and Darcy came out for a visit, we always love seeing them! Hailey tried to blind herself by squirting Ivermectin in her eye!blank

Sunday we made a trip to pick up the lambs and the old mamma that isn’t able to feed her babies due to age. Then we spent the remainder of the day setting up the warm room for them all. They look pretty happy and quite comfortable in there. We are over the moon in love with them already.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who made it out to give us a hand. We have the best, hardest working, most dedicated volunteers around.