April 28, 2024

blankMonday was a busy day at the ranch, I was working from home and took care of the chores during my breaks. I also reported on the results of the Wine & Dine 4 Equine and did the draws for the prizes that were left behind for the event. Today was also hay day so I spent some time opening gates and directing the tractor for where to put the bales. It is such a mess outside, it’s amazing how deep the tractor tracks are! They are three feet deep in some places, we are sure going to need some equipment to come in and fix it all up when it dries up a bit. Our baby turkeys and kittens are all doing well, although one baby turkey has a messed up foot. I tried to splint it a few times, but it kept falling off. I moved him to his own little brooder so the others aren’t stepping on him and stuff.

blankTuesday Karen was out to do chores and I was busy in the house all day working. When I was done work I ran out to the coop to pick out 12 chicken eggs to put in my incubator. Let’s see if I can’t hatch some chicken eggs. The three eggs that were left from the turkeys, I fearfully cracked them open to see what I would find and thankfully it was all just liquid inside, phew! I have one little turkey that is having a bit of a hard time with his legs. His one leg started to splay out again so I hobbled him together again to keep his legs under him. He seems to be learning to walk on that mangled foot and he seems super healthy otherwise, and cute as heck. I had him in a different brooder by himself, but this evening I brought him a buddy, one of the most laid-back ones so he wouldn’t be lonely. I went out to visit everyone in the corral, Dynamo stayed laying down for three of my trips back and forth in front of him before he decided to get up and get as far away from me as possible. I would call that progress! I also did a few hours of work on the computer.

blankWednesday was a busy day at the Ranch, I was working from home today in addition to doing the regular chores. Ater school Jake came out to do a little bit of training, he worked with Bud and Apolo. Bud did amazing, Apolo, not so much. We also had 4H and had four out to learn Equine level 1, they are doing great and learning alot. We brought Romeo out for a little bit of hands-on with the brushes and knot tying. The kids also went into the pony pasture to identify horse colours. This evening we also had a meeting of the board and officers to talk about fundraising ideas and how to get enough money to go to Tennessee for training at the end of May. All in all it was a pretty busy day.

blankThursday Karen was out with a new volunteer named Andrea. They worked together to get the chores done and is sounds like Andrea is really gung ho to get involved. I did a lot on configuration on some changes that are coming, Laura, Jake and I are working hard on our new sponsorship program that’s coming and Shelley and Tracey are working hard to put together a bunch of volunteers for cleanup this weekend. Andrea and Karen also did alot of cleanup and loading garbage onto the trailer.

Friday I was in the city working again so Tracey was out to do chores, she did a great job as always, Tracey is a very hard worker. I managed to completely blow up the webiste by trying an AI tool, yikes!!! So I am slowly rebuilding that. I picked up Sophie (my Granddaughter) for a sleepover and visited with Rowan and Ivy, her little brother and sister for a bit. We had a nice night but Grandma had a little bit of difficulty giving Sophie my undivided attention while trying to fix the website at the same time.

blankSaturday Sophie and I did the chores together and then left for the city to go to McDonald’s play place and Dollarama before dropping Sophie off at home. I made it home just in time for Caitlin and Ashley to get here to pick up Casalsa. We spent about two hours trying to get him to load, he wasn’t scared or anthing, just being stubborn. Casalsa is very level headed so he wasn’t acting crazy, just planting his feet and not wanting to go in. We went and got Tina and she loaded right up, she was looking at Casalsa like he was a fool. We finally got him loaded though and he was off to his new adventures with Caitlin. We are so incredibly happy for them both.

blankSunday was an amazingly productive day. Jake, Tracey, Shelly and Alana were out bright and early and got chores done. Then Jake and I left to pick up Dotty and Macey. Crew one that was left at the Ranch did an incredible job of getting a lot of yard clean up done. When Jake and I picked up Dotty, we managed to break an axel on the trailer. We were on our way back and had to stop in a little community called Rosenfeld. We called Shelly and her and Alana came to rescue us with Shelly’s horse trailer. I think we either met or waved at the entire community of Rosenfeld while we were there, what an awesome, friendly little town. We went to Altona and had lunch at a great little place called To the Z. The food was amazing and the service was great. Then we were back on the road again to go pick up Macey. Both horses are incredibly beautiful and unfortunately quite arthritic, we are going to see how they both do on Previcox and the soft ground we have at the Ranch. Fortunately animals with problems with arthritis, founder, abscess seem to do really well here because of it. 

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