April 21, 2024

blankMonday I was in the city for work all day and Karen and Leah were out to do chores. They also built a divider in the warm room so we could contain momma and her kittens without having to worry about the door. After work Jake and I had to go pick up two ponies that were running the countryside in January, they were being taken care of by a neighbour lady, but she is no longer able to care for them so we picked them up.

Tuesday I was in the city again for work all day and Tracey was out to do chores. Jeff and Randy were out to put the bales out for all the horses. The kittens are getting so big, so fast it’s unbelievable.

blankWednesday I was in the city for work AGAIN and Tracey was out all day to do chores. The weather is taking a turn for the disgusting and it looks like winter is back for a few more days.

Thursday was a work from home day and I also took care of chores. I cannot get enough of watching Bonnie, our little call duck, and Tater, our white Turkey, wander all around the yard together. They are best of friends and it’s absolutely adorable. There has got to be a children’s book in there somewhere. The adventures of Bonnie and Tater. Maybe we can make some money for the ranch that way. We had some excitement in the incubator. One of our turkey’s hatched and it was super cool to watch

blankFriday I worked from home again and did some more adoring of Bonnie and Tater. I did the chores as well and there was ALOT of excitement in the incubator, five more turkeys hatched, it was pretty awesome. I took the truck out to take hay and mash to the horses that are in the corral and I got into the small pasture and felt the truck just sink. The mud is horrible, I was stuck up to the axels. I made many phone calls and many texts to no avail. Finally Sean was able to arrange for Doug …. to come out and pull me out with his tractor. My truck just popped out like nothing, I am so grateful for their help! 

Saturday we had several volunteers out, we had Tracey, Jake, Rhiana, Hailey, Eliza, Tasha, Emree, and Kiera out to help. We got the regular chores done and then went to work on catching ponies. Robyn came out to trim hooves and the rest of us went to work on deworming, delousing, checking teeth, height, weight and body condition. We managed to get all the ponies done.

blankSunday we had plenty of volunteers out again, we had Jake, Shelly, Alana, Karen and Emily out. We got the regular chores done and got busy on the pony pasture. We got all the bird, goats, sheep, rabbit, llama, alpaca and cows all deworked and hooves trimmed. Then we had some awesome people out to look at a couple of horses. They also helped catch the last few of the goats and sheep to get it all done.

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