September 3, 2023

Monday we did chores as usual, Jake and Tracey came out to help so we powered through them like nobody’s business. Jake and I then went to pick up some horses by Thalberg, Manitoba. The three mares Angel, Destiny and Gypsy were all pretty fearful. Angel is about the size of a regular quarter horse, she is a beautiful cremello with blue eyes. She was the first to be caught, haltered and loaded nicely into the trailer. Destiny was next, she is a bigger Quarter Horse/Morgan cross. She is absolutely beautiful and very sweet, just fearful. She was the second one to load. The two of them stood on that trailer for quite some time before we coaxed Gypsy on. Gypsy is a big beautiful draft cross of some kind, looks a lot like Destiny but way bigger. Destiny and Gypsy are both black with white stars. We trailered them home and drove straight into the pasture to release them. We will work with them over the next little bit to get them to be more trusting, you can see that they are quite smart and curious, just unsure and not real used to being handled.

Tuesday we did chores as usual, Jake, Hailey Tamara, Quinn and Skye were out here helping out. Jake, Hailey and I left to pick up two horses from Komarno area, so nice and close. We brought in two mares named Molly and Belle. They are both very sweet, Molly is quite underweight and needs to put on some weight. They loaded really well onto the trailer which was awesome, especially considering they weren’t sure Molly had ever been on a trailer before. Our little pig daisy got out about four or five times today and we spent a fair bit of time trying to reinforce the fence to keep her in. A lovely lady came out to look at horses, seem like she like Braego so her and her daughter will be back to look at him later in the week. In the evening we had drill practice on horseback, Tina and Autumn did great! After that we got home and got everything ready for our long, long trip to Saskatchewan and back on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a super long day! Jake and I were up at 4:30 am and off on a very long road trip to Yellow River, Saskatchewan to pick up four ponies and four sheep that were in need of a soft place to land. While we were away Tracey, Tamara, Hailey, Quinn and Skye came to do chores for us. They did a great job holding down the fort. Jake and I got back at 1:30 am with all critters safe and sound. We put Cricket, the tiny pony in the petting zoo with the sheep and added the three bigger ponies into the pony pasture.

Thursday we got started on the chores and finished up just in time for Dr. Neal to arrive at 9:30 am. We got the two stallions castrated, got some wounds treated and got some tooth floats done. We found out that unfortunately Zibiya, one of the horses we just brought in last week is going to need to be put down before winter. Unfortunately, he has no teeth to speak of and there is no way we are going to be able to get him through the winter. I also drove WAY down past Morden, Manitoba to pick up the beautiful black sheep Cinder that needed a new home.

Friday we got up and did chores, had lots of help from Jake, Tamara, Hailey, Quinn and Skye. After chores we managed to catch Casey and get her ready for her foster home. We had to take a load of garbage to the dump and then took Casey to her new foster home. She is going to spend some time with a lovely retired lady named Pam and a beautiful, older gelding named Buddy to learn how awesome being caught and getting attention can be.

Saturday was a busy day for me, as no volunteers were available to give a hand and hubby was at work. Chores are a pretty big load around here when you’re all alone. On the bright side though I really do take my time with it when I’m alone and enjoy spending time with the animals. I moved around a couple of horses to try and better care for the ones that need the extra care. We have Leroy and Amika up in the front now, giving them both special feed and treating some wounds. I also kicked Dakota and Autumn out of the small pasture as they definitely do not need any special feed. I will keep Flash in the small pasture with Zibiya until we send him on his way over the rainbow bridge.

Sunday we had several people out assisting with chores, Tracey, Jake, Jana, her son, and Sabrina were all out helping. We also managed to get the new rabbit hutch set up and cleaned both of them out. We found homes for all the bunnies we brought in, except a few we decided to keep. We set up both hutches and have the big one for the ladies and the neutered male and the other hutch has our two boys in it. We are now down to a very manageable seven rabbits.

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