August 27, 2023

Monday was rodeo Jake’s birthday, that didn’t stop him from coming out and working with the horses. We had a farrier out to trim up some of our horses and we ended up getting a fair number done. We got all the ponies back in the pony pasture. Somehow the fence broke on Sunday so they got to run around the big pasture for a full day. We got all the chores done and fed out mash to all of our skinnies. We have Leroy and Ghost up in the round pen in the front of the house so I can treat Leroy’s wound under his chin. They are really enjoying all of the attention and we are definitely bonding.

Tuesday was a quiet day at the ranch, did chores, went to Gimli to do a farm inspection for a foster and met a beautiful, sweet senior horse named buddy. We came home and had a new bunny named hop surrendered to us. After dinner we went to the rodeo grounds for drill practice, Tina was a dream but Romeo wasn’t a fan.

Wednesday we went to Boomers to check it out, what an awesome place. We got to see a few animals that we don’t get to see very often. They have the prettiest Alpaca, the most handsome black sheep, the most gorgeous emu and the sweetest little foal. It was such a pleasure to get a tour and meet the team there. After that we went to Beaudry to pick up Athena, Sanchez and Bud. We have to get them vetted and strongly considering taking Athena and Sanchez on the wish ride.

Thursday we had our Farrier out to trim some hooves, other than that it was a quiet day of chores and hanging around the ranch. Did some work on the fence to try and keep the lambs and pigs in, but that’s a never-ending battle.

Friday we woke up and did chores, we also had a couple visitors from Cambian Credit Union, they presented us with a cheque for $1,000 to help the rescue with expenses. We are so honoured for this gift. We also went to the city to pick up our loop, loops days are always the animals’ favorite day as they get spoiled with fruit, veggies, baking, dairy, you name it. Sean and Stacey picked up the meat for their dogs and we stopped in Stonewall to visit Tania and pick up some cool things for the goats. We got a trimming table, a scratching table, a great big slide they can crawl through and an awesome hay feeder. In the evening we went to pick up a bunch or chickens and bunnies. 

Saturday we joined a ton of other people on the Make-a-Wish Ride, it was a lot of fun! We had five Barefoot horses there and they all did great. The ride was 10 miles, some of it on the road, but the majority of it was through beautiful trails through the woods. The ride was followed by dinner, a silent auction and dance.

Sunday we picked up a beautiful Thoroughbred that was shipped in from Thunder Bay. His name is Phoenix and he is really enjoying the pasture and making new friends, he is such a great boy. We picked up four bunnies that were brought in for rescue from Dauphin and went to visit Amber, Honey and Max, they are all doing so great being able to go in the barn and get away from the bugs. Lorraine is doing such an amazing job with them. We also gave a tour to an awesome family, the kids were so happy to see all the animals, was pretty adorable!

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