Riding Lessons

Learning to ride is very rewarding

It is very enjoyable to ride a horse. But it isn’t as simple as just sitting on their back. There is a lot more to it, especially if you want both the rider and horse to be safe. It is also an incredible gift that horses give us. As a prey animal, their instincts are to be afraid of something on their back. Cougars will jump on them from above in an attempt to take them down. Horses have to overcome their natural, instinctive fears in order to accept riders sitting on them. It is an immensely intimate experience for them.

As part of our education program, we offer riding lessons with some of the rescue horses at the ranch. For everyone’s safety, all lessons are supervised by our experienced trainer and riders are expected to heed all instructions. At no time will aggression or impatience towards the horses will be tolerated. With kindness and gentle guidance, horses are innately willing followers.

If you would like to take some riding lessons with us, just complete the form below.

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