May 7, 2023

blankWow! What a crazy busy week! Instead of our regular weekend windup, Iā€™m going to do a windup of the entire week.

Monday was a quiet day, but the rest of the week was extremely busy. Tuesday, we took Luna to meet her new family, she is now living in a lovely facility near Winkler. She is a companion horse to a barrel horse and will be much loved.

On Wednesday, we had a big day with the vet, we had three horses gelded in the morning, Max, Blackjack and Scout. In the afternoon we took Cola into the vet and had some x-rays done. It was determined that a tooth needed to be pulled. We got her teeth pulled and got her cheek stitched up afterward. All of them are recovering well.

blankOn Thursday we took Sunny and Q to their forever home in Seven Sisters. They are living in a beautiful little facility with an awesome family that will spend a lot of time with them and give them tons of love.

Friday, we took two loads of horses to Beaudry Farms and stayed awhile to watch them settle in. They did very well actually and did not seem to be out of sorts at all. After that we picked up our loop resource for the animals at the ranch.

On Saturday we went to Beaudry Farms for their open house. It was nice to see Athena, Sanchez, Zeus, Bud, and Twister in a different environment. They seem to have settled in nicely. We met some great people and a lovely young lady that will be working with the horses while they are there. After the open house we went into the city to pick up a few supplies and headed home. Late Saturday night we got a call from a friend of the ranch asking if we could make room for a stallion coming in. He arrived at about 12:15 am, we settled him into the pen with Maximus, Blackjack and Scout.

blankOn Sunday when we got up there was some concern over the way the stallion was picking on the three horses he was with. We tried to put him into a smaller pen, and he promptly broke out. We spent some a few hours chasing him and were finally able to catch him. Luckily, he was not able to successfully mount any of the mares while he was out. He is now safely contained in a small pen where he has settled down and seems to be doing well. No one was hurt, but it was quite an adventure. Alana sorted all our loop items and fed out quite a bit as well. This afternoon we had our farrier come in and trim several horses, including the two ponies that were brought in last week.

Not only was it an extremely busy week, but so was the weekend. Tomorrow is a new week šŸ˜Š I want to sincerely thank all of our volunteers who helped to make this weekend a success, we could not do this without you. I want to thank Tracey, Alana, Jacob, Grace, Kierra, Madison, Hailey, Lea, Ian, Clementine, Ellie, Natalie, Tamsen, Karen, Maureen and Lori. You all mean the world to us!

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