May 14, 2023

This week we gave a few private tours of the ranch, we also had a few people come out and look at the horses for adoption and foster situations. Thursday, was a particularly busy day. We had a visit from the Provincial Vet who had received a report with some concerns over the animals at the rescue, we tend to get a visit from them quite regularly. We have developed a relationship of trust and respect and openly show them all the animals here to alleviate their concerns. While they were here, we also had visits from two lovely ladies that were looking at horses for adoption. It looks like Spirit and Herra have both found their forever homes and will be leaving the ranch next weekend. We are so excited for both of them! We also went to Beaudry Farms to pick up two horses that were there, we brought them back because they are in need of some further TLC and were not thriving there. We took two others who we know will do great.

Friday, we had a team building event with some people from 24-7 Intouch. It was fantastic, they worked their butts off and got a lot done. We really enjoyed having them here. We also picked up a donation of four large square bales from the Lockport area. Thank you so much for both of these, we truly appreciate the help!

blankSaturday, we went to Warren to pick up our travel panels that were custom-made for us to help with our rescue missions. They turned out beautifully and we are so excited to make use of them. We also picked up our posters for our event on the 28th, got a port-a-potty delivered and found an awesome sink and vanity to make a wash station. We can’t wait to get all that up and running for our visitors.

Sunday, we went to Cook’s Creek to deliver Gunner to his foster home. He looked so handsome running across the field showing off for his new lady friend. She looked quite smitten over him. We know they will be fast friends and will do great. Dallas was also adopted and went to her forever home, we know she will be very happy there, her and her new owner have already developed a beautiful bond.