April 30, 2023

blankWhat a crazy weekend we had at The Barefoot Ranch! On Friday, we went to Brandon to drop off a load of dog food at a dog rescue out there. We picked up a couple of ponies on our way back. They are in really rough shape, full of burs, they have rain rot really bad and their hooves are really rough. Both ponies are foundered and will need a lot of TLC to get them back to tip-top shape. Shadow is a 27-year-old gelding who has been there, done that. He will live out the rest of his life at the ranch, we don’t think it’s fair to him to have another transition at this stage in his life. Cupcake is about 15 (we think) and she has a fair bit of training and recovery before she will be available for adoption. When we got home we treated them for worms, lice, and various other parasites and treated them with MTG. These two have their own little pen until they are ready to go into the pony pasture.

Saturday was a great day, we got a lot of work down out here and even managed to make time for a ride. The weather was beautiful, minus a little bit of hail that hit while we were riding (of course).  We also made a trip to the dump to get everything cleared out and ready for spring cleanup day. All the babies are growing so fast, it’s crazy! I can’t believe how fast the ducks grow, I swear the double in size, every day!

blankSunday was spring clean-up day and we had a lot of awesome volunteers out here to help get everything in order for this summer of events and animal intakes and adoptions. It was a bit windy, but that didn’t stop our volunteers from getting everything done. They did an amazing job and we are so grateful for every bit of work they give us. We also got Luna caught and ready for her new adventure. Luna goes to her new home on Tuesday and we are very excited for her. We stopped for lunch midday and enjoyed a pot of chili, garlic toast and fresh buns. Alana made huge progress with Titan today and was able to feed him carrots by hand, awesome!!!

Tonight we will be doing the 50/50 draw LIVE on Facebook at 8:00 PM, very excited to announce the winner! Good luck to all who bought tickets, we appreciate your support!


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