March 10, 2024

Monday morning I woke up to, ugh I don’t even know ….. a foot of new snow? It’s windy and miserable outside and then snow is blowing like crazy. There are drifts about two feet deep. Seems like our tractor/snow blower is not working either. I managed to get the chores done and everyone has weathered the storm well. It wasn’t much of a pleasure being outside today as you can imagine so I spent the majority of the day inside working on the computer and snuggling with puppies. It doesn’t get much better than that on a miserable winter day.

Tuesday was a nice sunshiny day, I hope this is the end of Winter, I’m ready for some sunshine and heat. I got chores done while the puppies ran around, they are getting a little more adventurous and not just staying by my side anymore, which makes things a little more difficult. We had a lovely young lady come look at the pups and she came back with her husband a few hours later. She took Baxter for an overnight visit to see if he gets along with the puppy they already have. I took a walk around the pastures and all the horses look good, everyone is recovering well and there are no new cases of strangles. I spent the rest of the day checking adoption references and trying to catch up on a few outstanding tasks.

Wednesday morning I got up and Tracey and Karen were here doing chores already. They did every last one of them for me, so I stayed in the house doing research on different grants that may or may not be available to us. We have an awesome lady from BC that wants to help us with paperwork so she is going to do some work making sure we know the details on all of those grants. Baxter and Bosley are both officially adopted as of today, Bosley is with us until Saturday afternoon though. It was miserable outside again today and it’s also snowing again. I am soooo ready for spring.

Thursday was another cold day, but not as bad as the last few. Lots of snow to wade through after the storms of the last few days, that’s for sure. I got chores done, but it seemed three times as hard with all the snow. Then back in the house for puppy cuddles and following up on a couple jobs I am in the interview process with. After that it was time to get ready for the WomenHack event in Winnipeg to do some networking with other women in tech. 

Friday was a busy day at the ranch. Karen was here when I got up and had done all the chores already. I took Bosley to his forever home and then went into the city to pick up Sophie for a sleepover. I did zero ranch stuff the entire day as she keeps me pretty busy.

Saturday Tracey and Jake were out doing chores and I went to Jeff’s to pick up our big tote of grain, not long afterward Randy came with our weekly deliver of hay. After the hay was all set out we went into Stonewall to pick up an awesome shelf someone was getting rid of. Then it was time to take Sophie home so I was off to the city again. I spent the evening getting caught up on my paper and computer work from the last few days.

Sunday was just a regular day, my hubby and I did chores together and then went inside and had an awesome breakfast. I did some studying for a couple of job interviews in the afternoon and then we went and hung out with some friends in the evening.