June 25, 2023

It’s time for the weekly windup and this one was exceptionally busy!

Monday We had visits today from Annalise and Maureen who came bearing gifts for the animals and for our open house on Sunday. Maureen wanted to pick out a goat to sponsor and she picked Germaine. We also had a visit from long-time donor Linda and her lovely friend who came to see the animals here and where their donation dollars were going.

Tuesday, we went to Cook’s Creek to pick up a small cart we can use to help train the horses. We also got a visit from Neil Stitt to look at horses available for adoption. He has chosen Ranger as his forever horse.

Wednesday, our lovely potbellies went to their new home today, except Gramps and Wilbur. So happy to see them have a loving home to help socialize them more. Also Gramps and Wilbur are buddies, so it made sense to keep them together, plus Gramps has my heart and the other three liked to fight with these two.

Thursday, We woke up at 5:00 am to all the ponies having broken out of their pasture. Then we headed off to St. Genevieve to drop Smokey off to Floriane. Then off to Saint. Claude to pick up Sonny. After that, Dr. Neil was out to castrate the pigs and file down their tusks. We also had him check out Sonny and his front teeth are so bad he’s unable to graze. He will need his teeth done and mash to bring him back go a healthy weight.

Friday, we woke up this morning and did chores quickly before leaving for Ebb and Flow. Ranger’s new owner showed up to pick him, sad to see him go, but also happy for him. Then I got a call from global news who wanted to do an interview regarding the money the government is putting toward veterinary care. Finally, we headed to Ebb and Flow and successfully recovered a beautiful red Dunn stallion we named Chester. Then we went to pick up a load of square bails donated by Don Harding. Busy, busy day

Saturday, we did a lot of yard cleanup and fence repair. Went to pick up our fencing panels and made some great connections with Mind Body Paw. Had a few visitors, bearing gifts. Titan and Amber’s former owners, Richard’s person Jay Tee.

Sunday, today was open house day, we were up early to get everything set up and ready to go. It was a smaller turnout today with 67 people coming through our doors. It was nice to have time to talk to many of the people. I really want to thank our volunteers for all their hard work and dedication, you guys mean the world to us.

And that’s a wrap on another week at The Barefoot Ranch: Manitoba Horse Rescue & Sanctuary, thank you all for your wonderful support!

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