June 4, 2023

Definitely another busy week at the ranch. So tough to remember everything that happened but as far as I can remember Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet days. We welcomed a new volunteer to the ranch, which is always awesome. On Wednesday, I found out that my position at work has been eliminated due to restructuring, as you can imagine that came as quite a shock. We went into the city to pick up a bunch of supplies for the ranch, feed, a few new water troughs, new nipples for the lamb feeder, and a new cat to keep Mr. Pickles company. We decided to name her Teloula lol. Mr. Pickles’ name is actually Tommy Pickles, that’s the name he came with so we decided she would be Teloula Pickles. Mr. and Mrs. Pickles and they are adorable together.

We spent much of Thursday, Friday, and Saturday working on the ponds. We were fortunate enough to have some work with a mini excavator by Best Texas Construction. We are so grateful! With this time we dug our dugout a little deeper hoping that water will stay in it all summer long, it usually dries out by the end of June. We also dug a pond for the ducks and geese and a pond in the front yard where we hope to have some goldfish and koi eventually. The ducks and geese are loving their pond! My daughter also learned to make horse hair bracelets and she made me a beautiful one from Storm’s tail. It is absolutely gorgeous and I love it.

Friday we were pretty excited to get the truck back from the body shop in time to pick up our loop donation. We ran into the city and grabbed an awesome load of produce and bakery for the most part. I fed Ashanti a lovely chocolate cake and she enjoyed it so much. When we first brought Ashanti in, she had no idea what a bakery item was, it’s so awesome to watch her enjoy them now.

On Saturday we got a call from a friend at Costco, apparently, they had some issues with their refrigeration and because Costco prides itself on offering quality products they can not sell product to the public if it was not stored at optimal temperatures. Our critters are a little less discerning. We picked up a beautiful load of baby spinach, baby carrots, celery, and broccoli. The animals are thoroughly enjoying their treats this weekend.

We got a little bit of a scare on Saturday night when my daughter’s dog went crazy and bolted out after something at about 10:00 pm, she ended up finding one of the bunnies from the petting zoo under one of the vehicles. In the morning we found that the bunny cage was severely damaged, we have no idea what happened but one bunny was found and one bunny was missing. We were so worried, we thought coyotes got the bunny and damaged the cage. On Sunday evening the second bunny actually came home. We were so excited to see him and so was his brother. We are so thankful that nothing happened to these boys. We will definitely be getting a stronger cage to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

Also this weekend, we had some volunteers participate in the Stonewall Horse Show, we are so proud of Jake, Grace, Hailey, and Kierra for participating and doing such a great job! Way to go guys!

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