June 11, 2023

It’s time for another weekly windup! It’s been another busy week at the Ranch, I’ve been sending a lot of resumes out to get a new job so hopefully I will get something amazing soon. I am taking advantage of this time off work to try to get things organized and better processes in place so that when I go back to work the paperwork for the ranch will be much easier. On that note, we are looking for an accountant with some expertise in non-profits and charities, so if you know someone great, please let us know.

Monday was a bit of a quieter day on the Ranch, got some paperwork caught up, got the chores done, and hung out with the animals. Tuesday was a busy day, took the morning to get chores done, and had a few volunteers here to help out. In the afternoon we had Dr. Neil out and our farrier Robyn, we trimmed a couple of horses and got the two stallions that are here gelded. We had Dr. Neil put Amber to sleep so we could hack off a ton of hoof. Amber isn’t able to put weight on three legs because her hooves are so bad, we had no choice but to do it this way to help her get some recovery underway.

Wednesday I had a conversation with a lovely lady that has some physical therapy and other courses under her belt and she was interested in adopting Nyx. I was super excited for Nyx and think they will do great together. Nyx will make great progress with the one on one time, she is just being fostered at this time but it is still a great opportunity for her and we are over the moon happy for her and her foster mom :).

Thursday was another quieter day, so besides the regular chores, I was able to get some work done in the house. Starting to wonder how I ever actually had time to work lol. I also managed to get the ceiling-high pile of clean laundry folded and put away and all the dirty laundry, washed, cleaned, and put away. I’m sure you guys are totally riveted lol.

Friday was road trip day! We went to southwestern Manitoba to drop Nyx off at her foster home, was great to meet her foster Mom and her main man Domino in person. Wow, Domino is so beautiful and he and Nyx are going to get along great! We then went over to south-eastern Manitoba to pick up three new surrenders. Unfortunately, even though they were nicely penned and we did manage to get halter on them all, we were unable to get them loaded into the trailer. We’ll have to go back for another trip in the future. Was great to meet them and their lovely owner who is trying to do the right thing for them and it was also awesome to see the lovely countryside over there, we had never been there before.

Saturday we went to Touch a Truck in Stonewall, it was a great day! We took along the bunnies, the lambs, Diamond, Milo, and Ebony. They were a big hit with all the kids there and we ended up doing some pony rides with Ebony too. It was a great day and we were happy to help the daycare with their fundraiser. I’m sure with the number of people there they did amazing!

Sunday was another busy day with several volunteers here, we managed to get the entire small pasture, corral and Ranger and Cheyenne dewormed today, that was a total of 21 horses, amazing! We also got some of the garage and yard cleaned up and did a load to the dump. This evening was our AGM and the Board of Directors met, we have some numbers we would like to report to you. Last year, in 2022, we concluded the year at only a $2,000 deficit, which is pretty darned amazing. We are doing some updates to our Board of Directors and Articles of Incorporation AND we have some numbers to report as well. In 2022, we brought in 68 horses and adopted out only 5. So far in 2023, we have only brought in 12 horses and have already adopted out 13. It’s fantastic to see our adoption outnumbering our intakes for the year.

Finally, we want to thank you all for your tremendous support, we couldn’t do what we do without your loving support. We know you all love animals, particularly horses, as much as we do. From the bottom of our hearts, one million thank yous!

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