July 30th, 2023

Monday was the busiest intake day at The Barefoot Ranch, we went to Moosehorn and picked up three ponies, two ducks, a chicken, a rooster and a turkey … but no partridge in a pear tree. As soon as we got back we headed out to pick up three more ponies locally. Once the animals were all situated we needed to get the vet in because Sugar had an accident at her place in Moosehorn trying to jump over a horse trailer. She ripped her hide wide open on her belly, it was just superficial, but a large tear. Dr. Neil was nice enough to come in after hours and sew her up.

Tuesday was a quiet day where we got to stay home, do chores and catch up on some of our paperwork. We managed to get the poster done for our next open house, several phone calls were made to catch up. We also got our first egg from our lovely chicken Ginger, so that was pretty exciting. Tracey also bonded with Ginger and carried the chicken around for awhile instead of doing chores. Totally kidding, Tracey is a very hard worker, but she does love the chicken.

Wednesday was another quiet day, got tons of admin work done. Caught up on the financial records and donation receipts. A friend of the ranch popped by with two more lovely red chickens for us, we decided to call them Thelma and Louise. There was a tornado warning but luckily it missed us entirely.

Thursday I let Babe and Daisy out of their little enclosure and into the petting zoo, oh they were so happy to run around, racing from one end to the other. Caught up on some more admin work, cleaned out the troughs and got chores done.

Friday was loop day, went to the city to pick up our loop pick up. That’s the animals’ favorite day. We had a bunny named bunny surrendered to us as their owners are having a hard time medically and that’s about it.

Saturday we had 200 bales generously donated and delivered by Jasmine and Tim, and had central vet out to do complete workups on our 5 skinny horses. This was generously donated by a lovely lady named Lorraine. We had a bunny named bunny picked up by her former owners as they couldn’t handle being apart from her (awe!). We had our biggest critter pickup. Four ponies, three geese, three ducks and three goats. Congratulations Sean and Stacey, we are so excited for your new adventure!

Sunday was exciting horse for three of our skinny horses. Maximus, Honey and Amber went to stay with Lorraine for the next four months. They will be able to stay in a barn during the highest buggy times and receive constant care and monitoring by a vet. We are very excited for this opportunity for them and we appreciate Lorraine very much. This will give us more time to focus on Twister and Diego, who are both coming along quite nicely. In addition to hauling them, we hauled some straw and hay bales for them.

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