August 6, 2023

Monday was a busy day at the ranch, we had Tracey, Jake, Hailey, Kierra and I all here working. We discovered the bunnies had dug underneath their hutch and under the garage making themselves a little hidey hole under there. Jake, Hailey and Kierra managed to coax them all out from under the garage, we reinforced the hutch with some wire mesh and got them all back in safe and sound. We had Dr. Neil out to do two geldings for our little stallions Niko and Chino and we also needed to have two tooth floats done on Chino and Shadow. Shadow’s teeth were actually surprisingly good for his age, he just had some sharp points but Chino, my word! Chino had one tooth broken in half on one side that needed to be removed. On the other side he had two (I can’t remember the word) fractures, that caused his two teeth to point towards his cheek. We had noticed huge lumps on both cheeks and were worried about that, but it turns out that was just food that was getting packed up in there because of the fractures. His face looks great now that that’s all been removed. While he was here he checked out Sugar’s wound and although it isn’t infected, it is accumulating fluid. He lanced it and drained it and gave her some antibiotics as well. Mr. Pickles managed to do some damage to his eye as well so we got some eye ointment for him and some for shadow as well. Everyone is recovering well and on the mend. We started on the garage and got a good portion of it dragged out and sorted. Definitely found some treasures and some trash. We now have Shadow and Chino together in the round pen so we can feed them mash and get our two little old boys fattened up for the winter and so they don’t have to fight anyone for feed. I built them a little shelter in there so they can get out of the sun and rain as needed.

Tuesday we went to LaBroquerie to pick up a beautiful black gelding named Joey. His owners are having a hard time putting weight on him despite having had him vet checked and his teeth floated. He came here and we got him started on mash so we can get him fattened up before the winter. He and Casalsa look like two lovely knights in their fly gear. We also did some more work on the garage, it’s starting to look pretty clean but the yard is sure a mess. I can’t wait to get it all organized, it will make things so much easier for us.

Wednesday Dr. Neil came out to do an assessment on Joey. It turns out Joey has a severe heart murmur that may be affecting his weight gain. He also had two loose teeth that were giving him a pain response. Dr. Neil pulled those two teeth and did some blood work so we could see if there were any other issues. It turns out Joey is anemic and his protein levels are low. We dewormed him with Quest and started him on antibiotics. We have six horses we are feeding mash to now. We hope to pack on many pounds before winter.

Thursday did some work on the garage, finished getting everything out and started trying to organize, this is such a big project and it’s pretty overwhelming to be honest.

Friday I had several appointments, I had to meet with a lady to discuss some grant money we can work towards getting from Bell MTS, so that was great news. I had to take my truck in to Selkirk GM for an assessment from when we hit a deer and Jake and I showed Ben to a young lady looking for a barrel racing horse. He did great, but might not have the speed she is looking for.

Saturday we had a few visitors to look at horses, namely Ben and Braego. Both of these boys did so great and Jake was awesome with showing them as always. Tried to get more work done on the garage but it was pretty hard with all the interruptions. Managed to race to Peavey Mart with 20 minutes to spare to pick up feed since all the other feed stores were closed today.

Sunday was another day of working on the garage. We had a lovely family come out for a tour. They enjoyed the petting zoo, the ponies, the big horses and of course the pony rides. Jenny left for her forever home, we are sure going to miss her around here. She is such a lovely girl.

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