July 23, 2023

Monday we started off the day heading to Assiniboia Downs to pick up a horse. We got there and he was so tall he wouldn’t fit in our horse trailer :O We then headed to Minnedosa to pick up a beautiful Jersey cow. She is just perfect, we named her Maisy and brought her home. On the way we saw a dog walking down the center of the highway so we pulled over and coaxed him over. We got him in the truck and headed for Woodlands vet, since that was what we were closest too. We ended up using the power of Facebook to find this pup’s home within 30 minutes. So amazing! Turns out this pup had gone all the way from Woodlands to Warren in the few hours he was loose. So happy he did not get hit by a care and he is safe and sound.

Tuesday after doing chores we went all the way to St. Malo, loaded up 120 bales donated to us and headed back. It took a lot longer than we expected so was pretty much our entire day.

Wednesday morning we headed out to Fisher Branch to pick up a handsome little pony. During this a few volunteers showed up at the ranch and did chores for us. Right after that we headed to St. Malo to pick up another load of 156 bales. It was much easier today because we had a whole lot more help! 

Thursday, got up early to finish chores before heading to the Assiniboia Downs to pick up Casalsa. He loaded perfectly and once we got home to put him in his pen, little Niko got pretty excited to have such a beauty beside him. Too bad he’s a gelding and not a mare lol. After afternoon chores we headed out to see if we could find the cows that are loose by Norris Lake. We saw no sign of them, but we did have a nice ride out there. Afterward, we had to haul another 25 bale donation, super awesome!

Friday the cows got out again so had to spend the hot hot day fixing the fence to keep them in. How did we get the cows back into the fence? Why with bananas of course! I wonder if we’re the only ones who have ever caught cows with bananas? Also Jake taught the first riding lessons at The Barefoot Ranch, they went pretty great!

Saturday was a good day spent around the ranch. Tracey and I did some work to the bunny cage and got it back up to snuff so we could get the bunnies back in it. There were a few vulnerable spots allowing them to escape. We also did a bunch of work on the water system we have for getting everyone watered, to try and make it easier. We built a new panel wall in the corral and a tarp roof so we can get Niko and Casalsa out of the sun. We also fixed the corral door. It was a pretty productive day. Afterward, we went out to Inwood to pick up a couple of new bunnies for our bunny hutch.

Sunday was ridiculous! We did chores early and headed out to La Broquerie to drop off Blackjack. Google ended up taking us on a pretty interesting route through some kind of farm access trail/swamp. We ended up getting incredibly stuck in there. Luckily Blackjack’s new owners Emmy and “Sweets” (sorry I don’t know your name, but that’s what she kept calling him lol) came and helped us get out.  A 3.5-hour round trip ended up taking us 9 hours. What an adventure. Blackjack has a great home though and that’s what matters.

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