July 16th, 2023

Monday was horse shuffling day. We went to Seven Sisters and dropped off the amazing Zeus at his new home. We picked up the beautiful registered Arabian Qu’Appelle and brought her home. We got a major blowout on the way and had to get a new tire. Tried several places to get it fixed on the fly in Selkirk but no one was able to help me. Super grateful for Vic and Curtis at Vic’s who had me back on the road in 30 minutes and replaced the tire very reasonably. We then whipped over to Beaudry to pick up Quincy and Ben for this weekend’s activities. Super excited to have the three back home with us.

Tuesday we took Flopsy and Mopsy to the vet to get neutered, they came through it like champs. We also let Chester and Michou out of the corral and into the big pasture, they sure looked excited to get out onto the pasture and have room to run and roll. Ruby also went to her new home, we know she’ll be so happy there.

Wednesday was a regular day at the ranch, Natalia was out to do chores so I took the opportunity to fold the sky high stack of laundry on my dryer and start getting things together for the open house.

Thursday went for lunch in the city and did some shopping, went for a quick visit with the grandkids and then home by 4:00 for afternoon mash.

Friday was Loop and feed day. Headed to the city to pick up our load from Superstore. Then we headed to Peavey Mart to get feed. All the animals love loop day because we have to feed out all the dairy and cuttings so they get pretty excited when they see the boxes coming out of the trailer.

Saturday was a very long day! Up at 5 am (so not a morning person) to head out to catch the wild horses. We not only didn’t catch them, we didn’t even see them. Nine hours out there, and four hours travel time. On a positive note, we did find a pony cart and harness so we can train up some ponies and get them adopted out. Also had to call Dr. Neil because Finn doesn’t seem to be feeling very well, seems he has a Vitamin B1 deficiency so we have to start treating him for that.

Sunday was our Open House, it was super busy, we had 223 people walk through our doors, we gave countless pony rides, tons of horse rides, had many people through the petting zoo, cooked up many hotdogs and served up several beverages. It was an amazing turnout and we raised $1,710 to go towards the care of the animals here. Fin also seems to be feeling a bit better, so that’s awesome.

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