July 2, 2023

Well, this is late, but better late than never. Last week’s weekly windup is as follows:

Monday was a recovery day from our open house, getting everything cleaned up and cleared out. Many awesome visitors for our open house sent us beautiful photos they took, we are so grateful for that! It was also the day our Berkshire pigs arrived. We welcomed Maple, Peanut, and Daisy to the ranch. We cannot believe how big Maple and Peanut are, photos do not do them justice. Daisy is incredibly cute and perfect!

Tuesday was house cleaning day, no fun in that.

On Wednesday, we made a trip out to St. Claude to visit Mr. Norm Dunn who has some amazing tack available for equally amazing prices. We picked up a kids saddle for our events, some mini and pony bridles because we had nothing that fit them properly and some draft harness to possibly start training Jenny and Freya soon. Maybe we will be able to offer some cart rides at our events someday.

Thursday was a quieter day from what I can remember, Unfortunately, I am posting this late so I am not doing so great at remembering everything that went down last week.

Friday was a super exciting day, our beautiful Misty found herself her very own boy. We are so excited for her and her new home. She really did hit the lottery with her lovely family.

Saturday was Canada Day! We are so grateful to be part of this great country. We went to Aurora to have a look at their setup. Aurora is looking for another horse to keep their pony company. We think it will be a great experience for one of our horses to get all that attention from the people that are in recovery and it will also be great for the people in recovery. They are going to come and check out our horses on July 7th.

Sunday was a great day of chores and spending time with the animals. I cannot get over how adorable Daisy is. Can’t wait to see what next week brings.

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