January 7, 2024

Monday I got up and did chores while my husband did the waters. I cleaned out the puppy pen and brought them in to give them all baths. They had their baths and ran around the house while they were getting dry. I trimmed their nails again, they get sharp so fast. After they were dry they all went out to have lunch and a nap. I went into the city to visit my grandkids and pick up a few groceries. I came home and did the 50/50 draw and worked on updating horse records in Salesforce. We have played around with so many different software programs but I think Salesforce is the only one that has all the features we need as a horse rescue. We had a family come out and look at puppies again today, I think we might have 5 of the 6 spoken for already but we’ll see how it pans out.

Tuesday was a nice chill day at the ranch. It was beautiful outside and Karen and Tracey both came to help with chores. We got that all done and fed out some loop. We did some work on the chicken coop to keep the goats out of it and make it easier to close the door when we go in there to feed and clean it out. I did some patch repair on one of the sheds that we rebuilt as the goats thought it might be nice to eat a section of the wall board. I figured I better get that fixed before they decided the insulation and vapour barrier also looked tasty. Tracey did some tidying up because the rest of us mess things up when she isn’t around just to mess with her lol That’s about it for outside work so I came inside to work on some computer work, that never seems to end as well. I made an appointment for the puppies to get their wellness check, first shots and deworming on January 16th. After that they will be ready to go.

Wednesday I got up and did chores, I cleaned the puppy pen as well. When the chores were all done I went in to do some work on the computer. Dr. Neil arrived shortly after 3:30 and we went out to see Apollo. Apollo was sedated and gelded, everything went well and he is now recovering. Dr. Neil provided me with a 4-way vaccine to give to Q, her new owner is taking her to a boarding facility at the end of the month. I gave her the vaccine and fed out mash, then I went to check on Apollo, he was up and doing well, already eating, drinking and urinating. I fed out a bunch of loop stuff and put tomorrow’s produce in the warm room to thaw out. I came back in the house and added photos to all of the horse records in Salesforce.

Thursday when I got up Karen was here doing chores already, so I took the opportunity to get caught up on some correspondence first thing in the morning. By the time I got out there, she was done most of it, so all I had to do was feed the puppies, the cats and the horses. Tracey got here just in time to help me clean up the puppy pen and she stuck around to do some organizing in the garage. Aaron from Interlake Electric came by after lunch to go check what disaster we had going on in the pumphouse as our heater pretty much melted into the plugin. It turns out some lovely person put in a 30 amp breaker at some point and we’re lucky the whole thing didn’t start on fire. He is going to give me an estimate to see how much it would cost to upgrade the breaker panel in there and install some plugs on the exterior, but for now he got us up and running. He also brought us an awesome hoody for our event in April, very grateful for those guys. Late afternoon I headed to Stonewall to pick up some Christmas Trees for the goats, One street had about five trees for us. I loaded them up and by the time I got home there was another one sitting by our driveway, so the goats are having a great old time with them.

Friday I was a loner, I got the chores done, fed Felix and Betsy mash and had just started the waters when the hay guy showed up with a load of hay. I helped him put that out while finishing the waters. He somehow managed to break the gate while I was in the pumphouse so had to do some gate repair, while he was finishing up with the hay. Then I went in and fed and watered the puppies and cats. Back in the house after that to work on salesforce once again, quite the project I started here. I’m sure it will all be worth it. 

Saturday I was a longer once again. I got the chores done and fed Felix and Betsy, Felix is sure showing a lot more spunk these days than he did when he first got here. It’s so nice to see his increased energy. We had some visitors stop in before I was finished chores, I gave them a little tour and showed them Oakley and Cash, as that’s who they were here to see. Cash is coming a long way with his friendliness too, Oakley was always super friendly but now Cash is enjoying scratches too. After they left I did the waters, fed the puppies and cats and cleaned up the puppy pen. I think I am going to have to bring these little guys in tomorrow for another bath, they aren’t the cleanest pups, but I can’t bathe them every day as it’s not good for their fur and skin. After that I cam in and went to work with Salesforce again, I actually accomplished successfully getting all the vet visits, farrier visits, vaccinations, etc, etc transferred over so at least I feel accomplished today.

Sunday I woke up to Tracey, Sean and Jake doing chores for me, YAY!!!! I went out to help a little bit but came back in to work on some more records. Importing all of the adoption records to Salesforce now. It’s going to be so cool when everything is all organized but darn it’s A LOT of work. There has been some buzzing locally about two ponies that are roaming the countryside, so Jake and I went out to the pasture they are on to see if we could find them. We found lots of tracks but not the ponies themselves. We are going to organize a roundup next Saturday to see if we can get them caught and taken care of. I came home and closed up the chicken coop for the night and played with the puppies for about an hour, then back to data imports. FUN!!!

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