December 31, 2023

Monday was Christmas Day and it was absolutely beautiful out at +2 degrees Celsius, I don’t think I remember a Christmas Day ever being so warm with so little snow. I got up and my husband and I did chores together, opened up the chicken coop, and let them out for the day. It’s still quite clean in there. When chores were done, I took the puppies outside for a little run around since it was so nice out. They didn’t seem to be fans. Then it was off to some friends’ place for a bit of a potluck and pool afternoon and evening.

Tuesday Sean was home so we did chores together. It’s so awesome to be able to let the chickens out every day, their coop is staying so clean. I have been thinking about calling it the Mojo Dojo Casa House (Barbie Movie reference) lol The calves got their last bottles today. After chores the puppies house got completely cleaned up and they all got baths, the water was so yellow. They ran around the house for about an hour drying off and I got a ton of puppy snuggles, I tried to get good pictures of them all but they don’t like to sit still so it was pretty tough. Then it was time for them to go back to their little den and have a nap.

Wednesday was an easy day for me, I got up and had all kinds of helpers. Karen, Sean, Tamara, Hailey, Quinn and Skye were all here working on the chores. I came out and let the chickens out, fed Felix, Betsy and Tina their mash and did some puttering around. The majority of the chores were done by these fine folks. In the afternoon my son, his girlfriend and their dog came by so I gave them a tour so they could see the puppies and everything else new since the last time they were here. We got the Coggins test results back for Whisper so I sent those to her new foster home and they wanted to come get her right away, so we caught her and fed her her mash. When they came to get her she got right on the trailer no problem, like the rockstar she is. Whisper will definitely be missed around here but I know this is a great foster home where she will get a lot of one on one time. After all that I got the newsletter sent out and did a bunch of catch up work on the computer.

Thursday was a busy day. Jake, Tamara, Hailey, and Anne were all out helping with chores and doing some training. We had the puppies outside to play since it was so nice out. We also had a couple come out to look at them. We are now checking references for two potential adopters. We cleaned up the puppy pen and trimmed their nails again too. We had a few boarders stop in to see their horses. Jake, Tamara and Hailey hung up several salt lick holders and salt blocks.

Friday was another busy day at the ranch. I got up and Tracey, Jake and Kiera were already here doing chores. I went straight to town to pick up feed. We unloaded feed and Tamara, Skye and Hailey all came by to help. Jake and I left for the city to pick up our loop items while everyone else stayed back to do chores and clean up. While we were gone our hay guy came with a load of hay for us. Joy met us in the city at Superstore to help us load up, this is the biggest loop order we have ever gotten. Not only was the trailer full, but the box of the truck was full as well. Jake and I stopped at the pet store to pick up some puppy food and puppy pads. By the time we got home, Karen was here to take care of the loop stuff. All breaks were spent with the puppies in the warm room, cleaning their pen or running around with them outside. Tracey and I did some more cleanup in the garage, we are almost done and ready to build a couple box stalls, that’s pretty exciting. The plan is to put a couple emergency stalls in there until we can build a barn.

Saturday was another busy day at the ranch, it was hoof trimming, so we had out several people to help do chores, hoof trimming and sorting loop. Jake, Hailey, Kiera, Joy, Tamara, Karen and Robyn were all out to help with it all. We got several horses trimmed and I even got to love up on Dynamo and Domino, which was pretty exciting. After everything was done, I came inside and started working on the computer stuff, I’m making some really good progress on digitizing everything. We have had quite a bit of interest in the puppies too which is awesome, hopefully we will find good homes for all of them.

Sunday was another busy day on the farm. I got up and did chores and spent the rest of the day organizing feed for the animals. I feel like I got a pretty good system to ensure they get some fresh produce, bakery, etc. every single day. I was done chores about 4:00 and came in the house to do some work on the computer. One of these days I will have everything all caught up ;P right!!!

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