January 28, 2024

Monday my husband was home from work so we did chores together when I got up. I fed all the critters and he did waters. We brought the puppies in to play in the house for a little while. We had a few inquiries about the puppies and it looks like we have another one being adopted, which just leaves us with little Ace. I got three eggs out of the chicken coop, that’s the most in one day yet. I treated Angel’s leg, it looks pretty bad, but she isn’t limping and I think it looks worse than it is. The rest of the day was spent working on Salesforce and other paperwork. 

Tuesday Karen was out to help with chores, she did the waters while I fed everyone. I took the puppies out for a run around the yard and they had a blast, hard to keep track of them they are so fast and little. We got quite a few volunteers signing up for our orientation on Sunday so that’s awesome. I gave Angel some Duplocillin and treated her wound again. Karen fashioned an awesome cover for our water trough so the animals can still drink in the petting zoo but the ducks can’t get in there and swim around anymore. I spent the rest of the day working on Salesforce again and we also finalized adoption of our sweet little Winter, sounds like we will have a pony and a puppy picked up on the weekend.

Wednesday I woke up and Interlake Electric was already here getting started on the electrical upgrade of the pumphouse. I went ahead and did all the other chores but had to wait to do waters until they were done. It was a big job, they were here almost the entire day. I went inside for a job interview and while I was busy with that, Jake and Lori were here to pick up Q and take her to a boarding facility. Pretty sad I didn’t get to say goodbye but I’m sure I can go visit her next time I am in the Selkirk area. After my interview I went out and did waters and then after dinner I spent a fair bit of time doing some data cleanup on duplicate accounts in Salesforce. Angel’s leg looks a whole lot better today then it has looked all week so that’s awesome.

Thursday was a very busy day! Up and at em early to pack it all in. Tracey arrived to help with chores and help Robyn with Princess’s feet. I took off to the vet with the puppies because Amy got her leg caught in her ex pen. I thought it was a soft tissue injury that she would recover from. Every day I bring them in the house or outside for a bit so they can run around and play and I noticed that the longer she plays the more sore she gets. I took her to the vet today and she requires surgery to fix her leg. There is a piece of bone on the back of her hock that tore away from the calcaneus and that bone is where the ligament attaches so it is something that won’t heal on its own. The surgery is to put two screws through that piece of bone to reattach it to the calcaneus. Her surgery is scheduled for February 1 and we do not know how good the outcome will be. While I was gone, Tracey got the rest of the burrs off of Princess, Natalia groomed Princess and Felix, they both look like a million bucks. The ducks figured out how to outsmart me and fit in the holes we made on top of the water trough. Our hay guy came to deliver our weekly supply of hay and a bunch of grain. I caught Sterling and gave him some Duplocillin and Zev because he seems to have some congestion and nasal discharge happening. Angel also got her last dose of Duplocillin and her wound looks like it is getting much better. Of course the rest of the time was spent inside working on Salesforce, I integrated all the web forms with Salesforce and Constant Contact to help keep track of everything. We found out this evening that we got a $500 grant from 4Imprint, so we are ordering awesome tumblers for our event in April, free to the first 100 (depending on the number of cups we get) through the door.

Friday morning Karen was here and was almost done chores by the time I got outside. I had to get the paperwork ready because we had a horse being picked up today. I showed her how to feed the birds in the chicken coop, but unfortunately since the other critters in the petting zoo were already done eating there breakfast, they were all over us. So we had a few goats and sheep in the chicken coop. I swear we both just about had heart attacks trying to get them out of there, but we eventually got it done. When I was done feeding the chickens and pups, the people were here to pick up Winter. She has a great home and we are so excited for her. I was contacted about taking in another duck as well and of course, we love our ducks. Felix and Angel decided to go for a walk on down the driveway today, so those two need to be fully tied when they are having their mash, brats. I had the two puppies in the house with me all afternoon while I was working on the computer, it was great, they were so snuggly. We finally got Jake up and running on Salesforce, so that’s awesome, he can help me in there now.

Saturday was another busy day, Tracey and Jake were here when I woke up. The puppies came in for some snuggles and I went out to help with the chores. We ended up noticing a couple of sick horses so we brought them in and treated them. Erika stopped in to sign the adoption papers for Jack and Shadow and drop off the blankets she bought for the donkeys. I spent some time walking around the pasture with treats for all the animals and got a special little treat myself. Domino, Destiny and Gypsy, who are usually not interested in engaging at all, decided to hang out with me and get treats and love for a little while. I then caught a video of them taking a magical walk through the woods in the hoar frost covered trees. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent inside working on Salesforce and getting ready for the volunteer orientation tomorrow.

Sunday was our volunteer orientation, so we held off doing chores until everyone got here. What a great turnout! I think we had about 12 volunteers show up, we gave them a tour and showed them how we do chores. Afterward some of them stayed to help with chores so we got the horses separated back into the appropriate pastures. We have our easy keepers in one pen, the thin horses in another pen and the ones requiring treatment in another pen. We spent some time catching a few hard to catch horses to get them moved around. We had a potential foster stop in to meet some of the horses and decide who she was going to foster and work with for a few month. She is going to take Titan and work with him one on one, teach him some more ground manners and work on trust and he will be back in the summer. One of our new volunteers cleaned out the puppy pen, the chicken coop, chopped some ice at one of our gates and was still raring to go. Tracey, Jake, Shelly and I were exhausted so we called it a day.


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