February 4, 2024

Monday I got up and did chores, walked around feeding out treats, gotta make sure they still love me. After chores I went to the city to get some dog food, puppy food, cat litter, etc. I stopped in to see the grandbabies, and as always it was super difficult to leave. I came home just in time for the adopters to come pick up little Ace. He is getting a great home and his grandma and cousin are both volunteers at the ranch. We kept little Amy in as she is the last little pup here and she roamed around the house for most of the evening.

Tuesday when I got up Karen was already here and chores were already done. All I had to do was feed Felix, Angel and Amy. When I was done, I took Amy to Dr. Neil’s office to pick up some meds and drop off some stuff to Tracey so she could take it to Cook’s Creek for Amber. I came home and Robyn was here to trim Princess’ hooves again. We did that and then I went in and spent the evening getting puppy cuddles from Amy and of course working on the computer.

Wednesday morning I woke up just in time for our quarterly visit from the provincial vet. They did a tour of the property and had no concerns except maybe adding more bedding to the skinny pen so we’ll get some more straw brought in. When they left I did the chores, it got to a balmy +9 degrees today, it was so gorgeous! We got another load of hay today, a day early because for some reason the critters are really going to town on it even though it’s so warm out. Spent almost the entire day with Amy, we took a drive to the vet, ran some errands in town, she was a really good girl. We had a meeting tonight about fundraising and grants, hopefully we are able to get somewhere with those. We aren’t very experienced doing the applications, but we are working at it.

Thursday was a busy day, I got up first thing in the morning and took Amy to the vet for her surgery. I came home and did chores, pretty much until it was time to go pick her up. We got to Equitech and found out that Amy came through the surgery and came out of the anesthesia well. She will need to be kept as still as possible over the next four weeks, so in her kennel as much as possible. That’s not going to be easy for sure, when I got home it’s been pretty much snuggling Amy all evening. Poor little one, I hope she is better soon.

Friday was another busy day. Karen and Tracey were here to do all the chores, yay! My daughter and I went to the dump and then headed to the vet. Her dog has some rough ears so we had to get them treated and I had them check Amy’s leg since we were there anyway, it’s impossible to keep that little girl still. After that I moved my daughter to the city and Amy came with me every step of the way. We got home and she had her meds and we had some snuggles and then she went to bed for the night. She actually does pretty good in her kennel, better than I thought she would.

Saturday I has a tough time getting out of bed as Amy was laying across my neck and we were super cozy! Good thing Jake was here taking care of the chores for me. When Amy woke up we went to Cook’s Creek to pick up Amber, the lovely pony that has been there for a few months while Lorraine (her foster mom) was in BC. We needed to get her closer to the vet to see if we can’t get her to be more comfortable. Amber came in just over a year ago with Titan, she had the worst hooves I had ever seen. One of them actually looked like a log. She did really great hopping into the trailer, she rode standing up the whole time and when we got to her new paddock, she trotted across it. There is a fair bit of snow in it, I think that probably feels great on her hooves. After dropping her off and seeing Nyx, Ghost, and Domino (not out Domino), we headed back to Teulon. I went to pick up some grain and came home, calling it a day.

Sunday Tracey, Jake, and Eliza were out to do chores, so Amy and I got to sleep in. I went out after they were done and we all fed loop out to the animals, always the best part of the day as the animals love it so much! Tracey, Jake and Eliza went for a ride as well. I spent the majority of the day giving and receiving Amy cuddles and working on office work. It looks like we have Amy adopted and she will be picked up on Saturday, I am going to miss this little one, that’s for sure!

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