• Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Thoroughbred
  • Birth Year: 2007
  • Color: Black
  • Markings: White strip and snip and low white socks
  • Height: 16 hands
  • Vices: None
  • On Hold

Honey is a beautiful registered thoroughbred. She is black with a white strip and snip and low white socks. She is big for a thoroughbred, built more like a Quarterhorse. She moves beautifully and is truly a pleasure to watch. Her registered name is Honey’s Moon and she is a 2007 mare.

Honey was at Assiniboine Downs and her owner could not pay the stable fees so her former owners paid the fees and brought her home in 2010. She has lived for many years with cattle and two lovely donkeys, Oscar and Garry. She is an owner surrender who was well-loved and has been surrendered to us as they are retiring. Honey is very sweet and curious. She is fairly new here and is feeling her way about but you can see her curiosity.

Honey is undergoing some treatment for her hooves as she has foundered and is stiff and sore. She is also being fed a special diet to put on some weight, she is recovering well and is now available for adoption.


Honey is in need of a sponsor, her monthly expenses are $200. If you would like to sponsor her, please complete our Sponsor a Horse Form. If this isn’t something you can afford to do on your own, this is a great thing to do with your friend group, co-workers, family or as a business.

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • A photo of your sponsored horse, pony, or farm animal
  • A sponsorship certificate
  • Your name, business name, or logo on our website
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