Georgeous Qu’Appelle

This is Qu’Appelle, she came to us as a rescue in December. She is a 14-years-old, untrained registered Arabian mare. She was intended to be a broodmare but was never successfully bred. Her previous owner discovered that she kept infecting herself with fecal matter. She was cleaned out and sewed shut to prevent anyone from attempting to breed her again. His attempts to rehome her were unsuccessful.

We picked her up and brought her to The Barefoot Ranch and she has been a wonderful addition. She is so sweet and gentle we have her in the small pasture with Primrose. They have really taken to each other and although she does boss Primrose a bit, they do get along quite well. My two-year-old granddaughter enjoys feeding her with her purple bucket and she is so tolerant of her.

She has some interest in the horses in the other pasture and we think she would love to get in there with them. We will wait until we have another gentle horse to put in with Primrose before we let her in there.