The Barefoot Ranch Ventures into New Territory

Millie and Mojo

Today we are so excited to bring these two home. This is Millie and Mojo and they have been rescued from a dairy farm. They are the sweetest little souls. We do not have any experience with cows, let alone bottle calves, but we are so excited to rescue these two sweethearts and try out a new challenge.

We have cleared out an insulated shed and created a new enclosure with panels generously donated to the ranch by Linda and Albert Ward. We have gotten tremendous amounts of advice and information from Rae Vaughn and Michelle Hamilton and we are ready.

We picked up Mojo and Millie on October 30th and hauled them in the back seat of my 2017 GMC Sierra. Why you may ask? Well because they were so tiny I couldn’t bear to put them in a big horse trailer all by themselves. So in the back seat they road, Michelle keeping them at bay while I drove. I got tremendous amounts of calf kisses all over my face all the way home and not surprisingly we had some truck cleaning to do once we got here.

My heart is full with these two sweethearts and we are already enjoying bottle feeding the babies. Welcome to the ranch little ones, you will have a loving home here always!

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