Jenny and the Young Rider’s Club

Last week we made a trip out to LaBroquerie and met a special horse named Joey. At that time we also met Joey’s owner Wendy Heier. She told us about a wonderful program she is doing at her home. Here is what Wendy had to say about it:

“Two years ago, facing the reality of my own personal health fighting MS and my mobility. Determination set in. From my teenage years I remembered the feelings and memories riding my horse provided me – freedom. Freedom to just live in that moment.

I first started with my first Mini Horse, Maggie girl, that year the band of horses grew to 30. They all inspired me, motivated me, and kept me moving. The love of a horse does amazing things and with hard work, and the amazing energy of the horses my health improved. My thoughts where, I have to share this with others the healing a horse has to give. Thus, the young riders club began.

A horse is matched with a special child. Each child’s needs and goals are different. A special place in my heart for a young Miss that did not speak due to Autism. Over the period of a year we started with grooming mini horses. They responded by circling themselves all around her as she groomed them. Peaceful, calm and a powerful presence.

As time went on I sent two minis home with her. One day at her home noise was coming out from where her horses where and her parents rushed out the see what was going on. She was singing while grooming her two little horses. Powerful the contributions this young lady gives to her little horses powerful what they gave back to her. This is only one amazing life moment out of many.”

When I heard Wendy talk about her program, I got goosebumps. I was so proud of her and the work she was dong. Over the course of the week as I gave her updates on Joey, she started talking to me about a special little girl and a horse she might be able to call her own. This is what Wendy had to say about this special child:

“Our youngest rider started at age two. A passion already for riding and gymkhana. We bring extra horses as well to gymkhana events for those that want to participate but have no horse. We bring our mini horses to give children a positive experience for a fun safe ride.”

I told Wendy about a few of the horses we had here and it seemed like Jenny would be a perfect fit for this girl. Jenny is an amazing horse, rock solid and a great ride. She has great training and a lot of knowledge and would make an amazing horse for anyone BUT Jenny has a hernia, it doesn’t effect her in any way. She has no pain from it, she is perfectly capable of anything that would be asked of her, it just looks a little off. Because of that Jenny wasn’t really finding a home. The thought of putting these two together filled my heart with joy. What could be more perfect. A little girl who desperately wanted her own horse and needed a horse and a horse who desperately wanted and needed a little girl of her own. We proudly offered to donate Jenny to this little girl and know it is the best opportunity for both of them. This is what Wendy had to say about it:

“Without Sherri at The Barefoot Ranch, we wouldn’t be able to continue to pair a young rider with their horse. The contribution and support from The Barefoot Ranch has helped keep the program going. One child at a time.”

I don’t know about all that Wendy, I think you would have found a way anyway. But we are very proud of you and the work you are doing and we can’t think of a better organization to support. I hope you all have a long and wonderful relationship.

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