April 7, 2024

blankMonday was a holiday for us, thankfully because I was sicker than a dog. No clue what’s going on, either food poisoning of the flu. My hubby was home and took care of all the chores.

Tuesday Tracey was out taking care of business and I was stuck in bed again all day. We donated some eggs to some people who want to use their incubator and see some chicks hatch. 

Wednesday everyone’s blankets came off, there is some good, some bad and some ugly. We may have to make some hard decisions regarding Flash and Chase soon. Chase is a border here, so my hands are sort of tied. We have already done some vet care on him without reimbursement. He and Flash are extremely thin. Flash is over 30 so it’s kind of a given but he’s such a doll, definitely need to get the vet out soon. I was in the pony pasture and those little guys are just the best! They fill my heart with so much joy. It was a beautiful day at +6 and the horses were happy and frolicking about. It looks like we have 12 turkeys growing in our eggs, but this was my first time candling and apparently, turkey eggs are pretty hard cause they are thich and brown BUT I watched a video so I’m basically an expert now (lol) and I was seeing the things she was seeing

blankThursday was a pretty amazing day! My brain is working again, I feel better, the sun is shining! Tracey was out to do chores, I was working from home. I went out at lunch time to help her feed mash. Tracey handled the bales and getting everything else done. Jake came out after school and set to work on getting some stalls set up in the garage. Unfortunately, there are some things frozen to the ground in there so that didn’t happen. Instead we set up three stalls in the corral as we have a couple horses skinnier than I want since we took their blankets off. Now they have their own little space so they don’t have anyone else chasing them away from their feed. We are going to do some more sorting this weekend and get our spring maintenance done. We also finally got the blanket off of PJ our Llama, pretty tough to wrangle that guy without Rodeo Jake! We also had a couple visitors come out and help us set up the pens for the horses, I think they enjoyed themselves.

Friday was another busy day at the ranch. Karen was out to do chores while I was stuck in meetings. Later I picked up Jake and we headed to the city to pick up an amazing donation from Timberstone of 200 square feet of siding for our shelters. We picked up our wonderful Loop stuff that the animals enjoy so much! The best part is that it won’t even freeze right now so they will have some amazing stuff to eat tomorrow. Then a quick trip to Peavey Mart for Dewormer and Delouser for the critters. When I got home I headed out to the corral to give the skinnies their mash and fill their waters. Then Karen sent me on a literal wild goose chase, she hadn’t seen the geese today. I knew they had some eggs in one of the shelters so I assumed them would be there and they weren’t so I got a little nervous. I took a tour of the entire petting zoo and found the geese all the way down by the old truck. I took the opportunity to check on their eggs and there are 5 of them! Unfortunately, they are all cold to the touch so I don’t know if that means they are duds or maybe it’s too early, I don’t know. Then in the house to work on some Salesforce stuff.

blankSaturday was a super busy day at the ranch, we had several people out to help including Alana, Jake, Shelly, Maureen, and Natalia. We got all the chores done and then went to work on getting some of the spring treatments done. It was a pretty adventurous day with a few mishaps, but all in all things went well. We got 39 animals checked and ready for the coming year. Once everyone left I went out and got mash fed out and the horses in their stalls fed, watered and bedded for the night.

Sunday was another busy day, we had Tracey, Jake, Janna, her son, Grayson, and Anne all out to help with chores. Once the chores were done we headed over to Shelley to get all of the prizes ready for our silent auction. We put together 29 prize packages and I think we have some more coming before the event. It looks like it’s going to be an awesome event.

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