March 31, 2024

Monday was a busy day, it was my first day back to work and I spent it studying SAFe 6.0 from home because my hardware was not ready yet. Karen was here to take care of chores and we also ended our quarantine today as it has been one month since we had any strangles symptoms. We also had an amazing little yellow cottage delivered, which will be a little hangout spot for the volunteers. It is at the back of the pasture and we are going to build a hitching post and fire pit out there as well. We need to find some cool furniture for it now. We also had our septic tank pumped out as our field froze up this year with all the crazy temperature fluctuations.

Tuesday I had to head into the city to pick up all my hardware for my new job. Jake, Eliza and Tracey were all out to do chores and help the hay guy put out the hay.  After work, I went a picked up a couple of furniture pieces for our beautiful little cottage and we got a very exciting email. We have been selected to go to Horse Plus Humane Society in Tenessee for some training. We are going to need to put together a fundraiser to cover the airfare and hotel. We also officially sold out for our event on April 13th.

blankWednesday was a work-from-home day, Jake and Tracey were out to take care of chores and Caitlin also came out late in the day. They worked with Casalsa a little bit after chores and then headed home. We also had a meeting this evening to make sure all our ducks are in a row for our event on April 13th, we are all very excited! Other than that I’m just doing this journal entry, and catching up a couple other things and that will be it for the day.

Thursday was a super busy day. Karen was out to do chores and Jake came a little bit later to finish up and give the horses their mash. Once that was done, Anne was out for a riding lesson with Jake and then we had a wonderful family show up to adopt a horse! Charity went home to her forever home today, she has her very own kids and a grandma and grandpa and even horsey friends, couldn’t ask for a better home. I worked all day and spent some time cleaning the house and some work for the ranch as well. I am also binging Hose Rescue Heroes, that show is something else.

blankFriday Jake came out to help me do chores and when we were done, we headed off to Riverton to pick up a donation of wood shavings to use as bedding for the animals. We got an awesome donation of 40 bags of wood shavings from them. When we got back we decided to head South of Carmen for some goats that needed a soft landing. We were able to take all the gear with them as well, the extra water troughs and other items will help out a fair bit at the ranch. By the time we got home it was after 8:00 pm so we called it a day.

Saturday Sean and I did all the chores together, I was pretty excited to find two goose eggs in one of the shelters so it looks like we will have another batch of babies this spring. Last year we had three so we will see how many they have this year. Our turkey eggs are doing great in the incubator, we have to turn them manually several times a day because they’re too big for the automatic turner to turn them. Our hay guy came with another hay delivery and while I was helping him put them out I got a message from my daughter letting me know she was in labour so I needed to head to the city to babysit my grandbabies. We are also donating some fertilized chicken eggs to some people with an incubator that want to hatch out some chicks for their babies, once they hatch they will bring them back to us. We are also going to donate one of our winter blankets to an old boy in need after he lost his in a barn fire.

blankSunday I was gone all day on babysitting duty while Tracey and Sean held down the fort. From what I understand they got everything done smoothly and all is well on the home front. Maggie, one of our minis that has been with us for quite awhile officially got adopted as well. When I got home I had to quickly finish up and send in a grant application that was due today. The turkey egss in our incubator still appear to be doing well, it is time to candle them but I am going to wait until tomorrow to do it, I have never candled an egg before but they make it sound pretty easy.