April 14, 2024

blankMonday was a quieter day at the ranch, it was spent feeding and watering horses and doing some of the last-minute tasks getting ready for our event on Saturday as well as working. There has been some ticket juggling happening and we still have prizes for the silent auction coming in. The weather is beautiful and we and the animals are thoroughly enjoying it. 

Tuesday was another quiet day at the ranch, also spent feeding and watering the animals. I had to go into the city for work so Tracey was out doing the chores while I was stuck in meetings all day. There is so much going on right now it’s a little bit overwhelming, I haven’t had to go into the city since before the pandemic so it will take a bit to get used to.

Wednesday Karen was out doing the chores and I had a work from home day. After work we had a meeting to see what outstanding items we needed to take care of prior to the event. We decided to put together a booklet for the event so we could make sure to thank all the donors and sponsors for our event.

blankThursday Tracey was out to do chores and I had another work from home day, after work I tried to put together the booklet for our event. It looks great but I’m having problems with the duplex printing on my printer so I may have to try to get it printed.

Friday we did the chores and Jake gave Anne a lesson, he also did some training with Beauty and Chester. After work we went over to Shelly’s to get the rest of the baskets together for our event. Debbie from Kozy’s is working on getting our pamphlets together. We did quite a bit of ticket shuffling as some people are unable to make it to the event. We are getting through the waiting list and it’s looking like we are going to be able to accommodate everyone.

blankSaturday I got chores done and picked up Jake, we went to Kozy’s to pick up the pamphlets for our event and we headed to Shelly’s to load up as much of the prizes as we could. Shelly fit the rest in her car, then Jake and I headed into the city to pick up a deep stapler and sat at the arena watching my husband’s hockey playoff game. It took us about 1.5 hours to staple all of the pamphlets and we then headed to Boogie’s to get everything set up for the event. The event was fast and furious, we had a great turnout and had 38 prizes and 5 grand prizes. The food was great and everyone was mostly happy with it. We have three prizes left over so we will be doing a couple draws of the attendees for them.

Sunday I was exhausted and I literally did not get out of bed the entire day. Jake and Grayson were kind enough to take care of all the chores so I could relax and get ready for another week of work. Monday to Wednesday I have to work in the city, which is going to be the first time in four years I have had to go to the city for work for multiple days in a row, yikes!


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