April 23, 2023

Holy smokes what a weekend at The Barefoot Ranch. We had so many volunteers out this weekend and a couple of visitors too! It’s going to be tough to remember it all, but I’ll do my best!

Friday we hooked up the trailer and went to the city for a loop order. Thanks to Tee Ell and Alana Ring-Woodard for helping with that.

Saturday, we had a ton of volunteers out. We got all the loop contributions separated out into containers and fed a bunch out too. We had the lambs outside to soak up some sun. We got a lot of clean up done from the winter and had tons of fun. Got to check on momma goose’s eggs and they’re nice and warm, so maybe babies in about 30 days. Got to spend some quality time with Sterling and Stardust, it was awesome. Also did some work with Diesel and Astrid, who were lovely. I was able to get them both contained and haltered in about five minutes which is amazing for them. On Saturday we also got all the goats and lambs hooves trimmed and about five horses as well. Also Billy Jo and Jake, two of the gates that wintered at Robyn’s came home!

Sunday, there were a ton of volunteers out again and they got a ton of grooming and riding done. It was a beautiful day! Some lovely ladies came to visit us from Saskatchewan, we gave them a tour and they stayed and did some grooming for awhile. We made a trip into the city to meet the ladies from 100 Acres of Blessings and get two beautiful black bunnies and six brand new duckies. Then we stopped at Best West Pets and found a beautiful little black cat named Mr Pickles from The Humane Society, we ended up bringing him home as well.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a million things. Thank you so much volunteers for all your hard work and all the laughs this weekend. Thank you as well to our visitors. Feel free to add your highlights from the weekend in the comments if I missed anything.

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