Mar 26, 2023

blankIt’s been quite the weekend at The Barefoot Ranch: Manitoba Horse Rescue & Sanctuary. Woke up Friday morning to a phone call about a little calf in need. We welcomed little Milo to the ranch and trained him to bottle feed.

Saturday we had a whole bunch of volunteers out for the pony roundup. Thanks to all of them we successfully brought in all of the ponies who previously refused to be caught. Now we will spend time socializing them and getting them to understand that people are good and treats are nice. We also had our awesome farrier Robyn Sul out here to give Amber her first trim as well as a few others. Robyn also helped out with the pony roundup and we couldn’t have done it without her. It’s going to take some time to get Amber’s hooves back in shape so she is more comfortable, but we’ve started. We had some great hot chili after all the work was done.

blankToday was a quiet day and I got to reflect on the weekend and how grateful I am for all the help we receive and all the people that believe in what we are doing. I went and hung out with the ponies for a bit, walked through the various corrals and pastures with a pocket full of treats, may have had to go back for more a time or two. The weather was beautiful, the animals were frisky and very much enjoying the sun. Milo is now taking his bottle like a champ.

Such an awesome weekend. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped out with everything, thank you to everyone else who came out to help too. Thank you to you for reading our posts, sharing them, donating, whatever you do to make this possible. That’s a wrap on another amazing weekend.

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