The Barefoot Ranch

Build it Up Campaign

Because of YOUR generosity, we’ve rescued 26 horses in the past 8 months and helped facilitate the rescue of two more! Spring is finally coming (fingers crossed, knock on wood and all that jazz) and we have big, big plans and goals from now until the end of September. 

Our goals: 

  • Fix the large horse shelter that serves our Corral, 
  • Fix the auto-waterer that serves the large pasture and corral,
  • Fix the fence between the big pasture and small pasture, 
  • Build three new pastures to support separate herds, AND 
  • Build 5 new shelters to support each of the pastures without one. 

Why do we want to do this? 

  • To better accommodate bringing in horses, especially those that require special care. 
  • To provide horses in all enclosures with shelter to get out of the wind, rain and snow. 
  • To allow for proper introduction of horses from different sources,and 
  • To protect them from aggression and health risks.

How we hope to accomplish this? 

  • With your countinued support we plan to raise funds to cover costs to get this done.
  • We’re also happy to accept donations in other forms such as, but not limited to: 
    • Materials for building and fencing supplies
    • Manual labour 🙂
    • Discounts and donations within the equine industry.

We are excited to announce the “Build it Up” campaign that begins today. If you are able to, please donate, and/or share: We accept donations through and through Paypal @