Grunthal Auction

blankThis weekend, Saturday 14th at noon is the Grunthal Horse Auction at Grunthal Auction Mart in Grunthal, Manitoba.  The Barefoot Ranch, Dreamweaver Lane, Blackbird Ranch and The Good Place will all be in attendance.  Our goal is to prevent any horses from being purchased by meat buyers.  Please join us in our efforts by donating to any of these fantastic rescues.   To donate to us, you can send an email money transfer to OR by Paypal at

At The Barefoot Ranch, we like to intervene with horses before they are ever sent to auction, we specialize in owner surrenders.  With the unfortunate news this week from Jenn at The Good Place, that they will be closing their doors, we decided it was time to go ahead and attend her last auction with her this weekend and learn from the best.  How do you know who the meat buyers are? How do you know when to bid? How much do horses usually sell for here? And most importantly, how can we stop this from happening?

For more information on the horse meat industry, please see this CTV News Article. To learn other ways you can help, visit: Canadian Horse Defense Coalition. But if you want to make an immediate difference, and help us bid on some horses this weekend, that would otherwise go to a meet buyer, you can send an email money transfer to OR by Paypal at

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