September 10, 2023

Holiday Monday was a quiet, rainy one around the ranch. Basically just did chores and did a lot of admin work in the house, trying to get the website up to date.

Tuesday had to take my truck into the shop first thing in the morning, wasn’t feeling well so thankfully Tracey, Tamara, Hailey, Quinn and Skye did chores for me. My daughter cleaned the house and made dinner, I sure love how everyone comes together and gets $417 done when I’m out of commission. We got a new bunny in today who I haven’t even gotten a chance to meet, but tomorrow is another day. I also talked to a few people and it sounds like there may be three more horses coming in next week.

Wednesday still not feeling well so getting chores done and sleeping, pretty much it. There seems to be a big influx of horses right now, probably people are getting worried about fee prices for the winter.

Thursday still not feeling well but finally spoke with a doctor and got some antibiotics, seems to be a sinus infection so should be feeling better in a few days. Sorry for the incredibly boring week in review this week. A new bunny came in named Bugsy, he is a lion head, the only one of that kind we have. Now we have a total of 7 bunnies: Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, Thumper, Tiger, Lola, and Bugsy. They are all pretty adorable.

Friday did chores as usual, went to town for feed and came back to two lovely lady visitors. I had so much fun with them for the few minutes I got to spend with them. After that I went to Selkirk to pick up my truck from the body shop, so happy to have it back. I went out in the evening to do chores and ended up getting run over because Rockstar decided to bite Autumn who jumped off to the side, right on top of me. I was so proud of her because when she realized she was on top of me, she just stopped moving and waited for me to say I was okay, then she gently walked away. What a great girl!

Saturday was a busy, busy day. We did chores with the help of Tamara, Hailey, Quinn, Skye and Jake. I spent the majority of the day running errands for our event tomorrow.

Sunday, the day of our event was a busy one, always nerve-wracking every time. 25 volunteers spent the day setting up, hosting and tearing down the event. We had 8 wonderful vendors this time and the amazing Jan Lambourne donated the use of a bouncy castle for the benefit of the horses. We hosted a total of 255 people who came through our doors to support the animals in our care. For the first time EVER we sold out of carrots, apples, pepsi and hot dogs. UNBELIEVABLE! We earned a total of $2,825.85 at our event which will pay a chunk of our feed, vet and diesel bill for our hay makers this year. The weather was perfect, I believe the wasps even stayed away for the day.

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