• Sex: Mare
  • Breed: Mini
  • Birth Year: 2013
  • Color:  black
  • Markings: none
  • Height: 8 hands
  • Vices: Shy

This lovely lady is an approximately 10-year-old black mini mare that came to us from a herd in Souris, Manitoba. This sweet horse had an owner who loved her but he passed away about eight years ago and the family didn’t realize that their mother was unable to provide proper care for them. Recently she passed away and that is how they came to be in our care. This little gal was previously adopted and was with her new owner for about a year. He decided to surrender her back to us so she could find a home with people who had more time for her. Unfortunately, the kids lost interest and she was left on her own more than he would have liked. She has come a long way and she is now friendly and curious although quite timid. We will continue to work with her so she can find her forever home.

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