May 12, 2024

blankMonday was an extremely busy day. I was on my own today and it was hay day.  Because of thee amount of mud we have in our main entrance to the large pasture and the small pasture we are having to come up with some creative ways to ensure the horses are getting everything they need. We have closed the small pasture entirely as we can’t get hay in there at all. We moved some horses around to accommodate and I think it will work pretty well. The tractor did manage to get stuck in the only muddy spot in the pony pasture, so that was fun. After school Jake came out and did some lessons and set up a new pen for the horses the vet will be seeing tomorrow, just to make things easier. I received a call from the RCMP today, apparently someone called them to tell them we weren’t feeding Flash, so I explained to them and invited them down to see for themselves. Do you think once the RCMP, POV and Final Furlong sign off that everything is okay we will stop being criticized? Me neither.

blankTuesday was a super busy day, Tracey, Maureen, Karen, Robyn, Jake, Caitlyn were all out here to do chores, feed the animals, offer moral support, check out the new girl in town. Dr. Neil, Felicity and their summer vet student were here to check out the new girl too, also Chase and Flash to see what on earth is going on there. He is going to run some blood work on them, see if we can’t figure something out. Chase also had a tooth pulled. The new girl has lice and has an abnormal thyroid so we will be working on both of those things. Much, much more drama on Facebook, there is just no end to the amazing stories that are being invented. The truth will come out and then their credibility will be shot. We also had a very knowledgeable visitor out to look at the horses, specifically the thoroughbreds. She is going to offer some recommendations to see if that might help them.

Wednesday was a super busy day, I worked from home and was on my own for chores. I got them all done and even filled a couple ponds for the ducks, when I was doing that I found a little hidey whole where one of our Pekins is sitting on eggs. So now we have ducks, geese and chickens all sitting on eggs and a bunch of baby turkeys, oh my! Good thing we have such an amazing chicken coop and lots of shelters in the petting zoo. After work I ran to the vet to grab some BOSS and some of the Quest Gold Dewormer to treat the new girl. I also wanted to give the skinnies some to see if we can get any improvement there. Jake came out later to do a horsemanship class. After that was all done we had a meeting to talk about all the things we have on the go.

blankThursday I was in the city all day for work and Karen was out doing the chores. I got home and did the evening chores and then came in to feed the baby turkeys and chicks. One of the turkeys had escaped the cage and I found him on the floor with one of the pieces of fringe from a wool scarf all the way down it’s little throat. Everyone always told me turkeys weren’t very smart ….. well I pulled the fringe out of his throat and he appears to be okay…. goofy turkey. 

Friday I was in the city for work and Tracey was out to do chores. I came home and did evening chores and then we went out for the evening. 

Saturday I did chores and then went to the city to babysit for the day. Jake, Alana, Anne, and Emily were all in Stonewall taking a shed apart that we are going to use for a shelter at the ranch. I picked Jake up on my way home and dropped him off at home. I came home to do evening chores and managed to get stung by a murder hornet (I don’t actually know what the giant black and white wasp looking things are) and then had an early night.

Sunday I did chores and then picked Jake up, we went to Stonewall to take apart the rest of that shed, we got it hauled home and all the pieces of the fence they were taking apart. We can use all the fencing we can get for all the projects we have planned for the summer. When we were all done with that I had mother’s day dinner with my kids and then went out and did evening chores.


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