March 24, 2024

Monday was a super windy day, it would have been great if not for that. This was my first-day doing chores since “the incident” and it wasn’t too bad, it’s super icy out there, everywhere so it’s rough going. I got the chores done and remembered to have horse treats in my pocket this time so Beauty and Freya were very happy with me today. Everyone looks pretty healthy and happy right now, some are a little on the thin side, going to have to do some changes in the pasture this weekend so we can start feeding the rich feed to the ones that need it the most.

Tuesday was another super windy day, Karen was out and took care of the chores. I had to go into Selkirk to get an oil change on my truck and then came home to make supper. I went out to check on the kittens, Ginger is doing really well with them. She is friendlier than she ever has been. After that, back in the house to do some catch up on computer stuff and trying to get everything is order for when I start next week.

Wednesday Tracey was here taking care of business, so I got ready and headed to pick up a couple pups in need of vetting. I was gone most of the day but Tracey got chores done and then helped Randy get all the hay bales put out. We found one of the kittens had passed this afternoon. I have no idea what happened to the little one. The other four seem fine, but so did this one yesterday. Sure hope they’re okay, Ginger seems to be taking care of them. The rest of the afternoon and evening I came up with a boarding record so I can keep track of the boarding charges and payments better.

Thursday was a busy day at the ranch, it was a nice day out! All four of the remaining kittens appear to be doing well, Ginger seems to be getting more and more friendly, once she realizes who you are and stops hissing lol. I got all the animals fed and watered and Karen swung by to bring Ginger some special food, seems like Karen is a little attached to our little family. She dropped off three awesome meals from Leah, who is an amazing cook who likes to share, which makes my life easier! After that I went into the city to babysit my grandbabies, after that I hit Costco and came home to try to work on our little plumbing issue. Not working out so great, so I guess tomorrow I call a plumber.

Friday was another busy day at the Ranch, Karen was here taking care of the chores and got everything done including feed and water. I spent the majority of the day catching up some paperwork and records on the computer. In the afternoon I went to Selkirk to run a few errands and then stopped in two to pick up a couple packages, one of which was an incubator which we are very excited about.

Saturday Tracey and Jake were out here taking care of chores. When they were done, we took a ride out to the back of the pasture so I could show them the spot for an exciting addition to the ranch. Jake and I then went to headingley to meet someone with turkey eggs. We came back and got the turkey eggs all set up in the incubator. The rest of the day as doing more work on the website and creating a real for all the socials, that’s a new learning curve for is.

Sunday was another busy day at the ranch. Jake and Rianna were here doing chores, got all the horses fed and watered and then Rianna cleaned out the chicken coop and groomed a few horses. When I went out, we took a trip around the pasture and everyone looks amazing, I was considering keeping the doors closed for another 30 days to be safe, but the symptoms have all been cleared for a month now so I think we are golden. Jake and I went and picked up a new enclosure for the bunnies so the boys have more room to get around. 

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