October 22, 2023

Monday, after chores, Sean and I fixed the gate on the pony pasture, we also fixed the fence where it was broken. We added a row of wire on top of the page wire fence for the ponies. We needed to make it more secure as the page wire is a little weak for them, especially when they are leaning on it all the time.

Tuesday after chores we went to pick up a donation of bales from the Cooks Creek area. Tamara, Tracey and Jake were here to lend a hand. We ended up feeding out the entire two loads of square bales that we picked up. After that Jake went for a ride on Casalsa, it was pretty amazing how great he did and how sensible he was for a former racehorse.

Wednesday I spent the day at the Ranch doing chores. I walked into the petting zoo and heard some new noises I had never heard before. I followed them and looked inside this little area we have “blocked off” from the animals. Inside there was a chicken and nine babies! Not a great time of year for babies for sure. After school Jake came over and took Casalsa for another ride, he also took Tina for a ride to see how she would go over the little jumps we just set up. She did great! After that we caught all the little baby birds and the momma and put them somewhere warm and safe so they could grow. We also moved Mom, Sterling and Sparrow to the pony pasture and Ulysses and Rosy into the small pasture. All our holding pens are open again! Yay!

Thursday Karen and Leah came out to help with chores, they also built a new door for one of the shelters. They have basically rebuilt the whole shelter to help keep the critters warm for the winter. I am very grateful for their hard work and know-how. After chores, Tamara and I headed to Cook’s Creek to pick up the last of the hay that was donated to us. Jake and Kiera joined us after school for the second load of hay.

Friday was loop day, we head to the city after chores. Jake and Tracey came to help with chores and loop. We picked up a bunch or produce, dairy and bakery items for the animal. The animals were all waiting for us when we got back like they knew what day it was.

Saturday, Tracey, Jake, Shelly, Sean, Karen and Leah all came to help. Karen sorted and fed out a bunch of the loop stuff. Leah finished the other door for one of our shelters they rebuilt. Jake gave a riding lesson and Shelly and Tracey worked on taking the stallion proofing down from the corral and also fixed the auto-waterer which will be a game changer. Sean sized down the pig pen so we can put together a gathering place back there and get to the small pasture without having to go through the big pasture. That will make things a lot easier for us too. I worked on one of the sheds that has a bunch of rotten boards, need to rebuild it to make a chicken, duck, turkey coop. I had Tom the Turkey and Latee the goat helping me all day. At one point I heard knocking on the window above my head, I thought one of the volunteers was trying to be funny, I looked up in the window and there was Latee’s face. I also had Tom trying to peck each nail I tried to pound in. I guess he thought he was helping me. I also had Milo the cow knocking my wheelbarrow over every 10 seconds, super helpful.

Sunday we had a few volunteers out, including a new one named Joy. Ww had several volunteers working on chores and I worked on the shed. I got the majority of the roof off and think I have a game plan for tomorrow and hope to have the majority of the roof back on tomorrow.

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